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Quote: Originally Posted by in stitches i have a pair of brown loafers from that line. they are great no? beautiful finsh, meticulous detailing, and super comfortable I'd agree although not perfect, they are definitely a step up in construction and finish over the Guccis I own. My only complaint is that one of the heels is not properly level so I may need to have a good cobbler look at that. Quote: Originally Posted by...
My new kicks, Zegna XXX double monks.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ Who makes them? I have a single monk in brown from C&J. I like them, I just wish the buckle was silver Zegna XXX Couture - I really love the details on the buckles btw.
Quote: Originally Posted by Achilles_ I like I would prefer them in very dark brown though I wouldn't mind a second pair in brown either
No love for these? Bought them yesterday
Try Fels Naptha - it works on a lot of very tough stains including oil, you can find it at the grocery store and it looks like a bar of soap.
Quote: Originally Posted by aphextwin07 "black shoes should only be worn to a funeral" quote by someone i can't remember, sums up my thoughts on the topic perfectly. And black suits too, right?
Your socks in particular look quite nice, good luck on Styleforum!
Quote: Originally Posted by lasbar Do you work as a doorman for Charvet by any chance?
I buy from here when I see something I like and a good price, I don't buy from eBay often. Why? Because here I can do a little research on the seller and see what deals they have done before, what kind of poster they are, etc - I feel it tends to add some legitimacy particularly for a poster with a reasonable post count. I probably buy 1 item every other month or so but if funds allowed I would buy something like once a week To the OP, folks like you with...
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