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Highly recommend: Most custom makers offer a selection of shapes/size.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Amedeo Testoni I think this combines almost every type of shoe I dislike into one :vomit:
IMO, assuming the fit is actually perfect then I'd opt for that - I buy several brands that aren't "SF-approved' because they fit me OTR and fit/look is more important to me than construction methods and even materials.
I loved SG and the Sands hotel - the rooftop pool is ridiculous! Wear linens and other light clothing as it will be hot as balls and humid too, think Miami summer. I'd skip boots, can't see where you'd use those. One of my favorite trips ever, the people are super friendly and Asia as whole is all about good service. I don't like Durian at all but it's basically the national fruit of SG, if you are driving around and smell baby poop/rotten chicken that is...
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes If you find another pair, maybe you can pick it up for me I'll be honest, I have thought about flipping this pair - and I may have to if they don't break in enough for me. Keep an eye out on B&S, there was a brown captoe version for sale quite recently so they do show up here too.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr monty Which NMLC ? Thanks, Dolphin Mall - Miami, FL. This was a rare gem in the men's department and thanks to a 35% off coupon there was no way I was going to let them languish there.
Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Except both of those cost an arm and a leg Retail, yes. I paid much, much less at NMLC - I have no idea how these sweet pair of monks made it all the way there without getting purchased but made my day. I've seen them pop up on B&S a few times for about 50% of retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy They come in blue??? No, SF approved is pink only! (damn, wish I had that jpeg handy)
Quote: Originally Posted by Allen I'm under 25 and the situation is quite casual(aka black tie optional). It's pretty common now, particularly with a younger crowd, to skip the cummerbund entirely. The oldsters here won't approve if you care about that.
Zegna XXX Couture
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