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Quote: Originally Posted by allaboutshoes Except both of those cost an arm and a leg Retail, yes. I paid much, much less at NMLC - I have no idea how these sweet pair of monks made it all the way there without getting purchased but made my day. I've seen them pop up on B&S a few times for about 50% of retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by pocketsquareguy They come in blue??? No, SF approved is pink only! (damn, wish I had that jpeg handy)
Quote: Originally Posted by Allen I'm under 25 and the situation is quite casual(aka black tie optional). It's pretty common now, particularly with a younger crowd, to skip the cummerbund entirely. The oldsters here won't approve if you care about that.
Zegna XXX Couture
Made in the USA, probably LA.
Quote: Originally Posted by JChance bump, i'm wondering the same thing too I have a blazer from them, it's definitely not fully canvassed but is decently constructed for the price and has some neat details. It's very slim btw and I believe all of their clothes are, you may want to size up. I'll try and remember tomorrow to see where it is made, my assumption is US but it may very well be overseas.
Quote: Originally Posted by westinghouse I keep all my shoes in bags or boxes and it really keeps the dust off and looking new. It's a PITA to put them on and take them off but it's well worth it. As do I, but it's not a big deal to get a generic bag IMO. My Zegna's are in a random Prada bag the SA found, I didn't let the lack of proper box & bag keep me from getting a sweet deal (and it sounds like you didn't either).
You'd pass on a pair of shoes because of the lack of a box and shoe bags? Wow. Unless it came with a sick display box like Zegna XXX Signatures, big deal. You can always ask if the seller will put them in a random shoe box & toss in a shoe bag from somewhere. Ah, I see you went for it after getting a further price reduction.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola I'd be careful with this. There are more athletic cut suits but the slim are often not high drop. Worse you may end up having to size up the jacket then the pants are even worse. Huh? 99% of the suits I've seen that are truly slim are at least drop 7 if not 8. Which BLOWS. I'm a slim 36S but definitely NOT a 29 waist, who is that isn't 16? I just wish the pants were always available seperate as I've had...
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