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I highly recommend reading this article if you are curious about the answers to your tux questions as they are all contained therein: http://www.therakeonline.com/article_aspectblack.html From what kind of vest/cummberbund is correct to the trouser type to be used (high rise) with or without braces. I'm very new to this stuff and found the article incredibly edifying.
LV Louis Vuitton Damier Azur belt in 32 would be great!
Anyone familiar with this brand? A search here does not turn up anything. They are one of the few companies I could find that sell EU44, I went ahead and ordered this to check out but curious if anyone has info on this brand: http://www.yoox.com/item.asp?tskay=3...5VV&sts=help80
I'd try Dolce - I'm slim (and short) and found their Martini line to fit well and the Gold to actually be too snug which was a shocker for me. Their Luxury line is the one with a "normal" fit that is too baggy for me. I can't comment on the quality as I'm new to decent suits/jackets but I think they look sharp and the fabrics feel nice to the hand.
Just wanted to throw my 2cents into this old thread - bought a blue stingray M-clip and really like it. It's very heavy though which was a bit surprising and to be honest while I don't carry a lot of cash usually I wonder if the larger size might have been a good idea as I usually carry 3-4 cards/ID and handful of buziness cards. For those out of country, I bought mine through Nordstrom's - you might be able to get them that way?
What is the length on the belt?
JCM, can you tell me how tall are you/weight? Maybe some measurements of the Gucci suit? I'm 5'7" and 125-135lbs, EU44 or 46 fits me depending on cut. If you have anything else in our small size let me know, I'm going crazy trying to find some new outfits! PS - wish you hadn't removed the pics of your sold items, always like eye candy
New Posts  All Forums: