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I'll note at a recent gala event with several hundred men beside myself I saw a grand total of one wing collar (and he had his wings tucked under the bowtie strap?!). For this event I opted to use a skinny black tie instead of a bow which gave a nice look. It's prom, I'd assume you are renting a tux and they just toss everything in - the most you can hope for is that the stuff fits reasonably well. I wouldn't/didn't buy anything at your age.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crat I wouldn't be surprised if your double monks were made by Grenson. I would be since they are made by "Zefer" the joint Zegna & Ferragamo project.
Quote: Originally Posted by yeeth and yes, bring swimwear for the infinity pool. Because it is SICK
Quote: Originally Posted by khayes Is a flyfront or stud use of a tux shirt the more classic style? Studs, other than me I haven't seen too many pair a hidden placket with tuxedo. I like the super clean look it gives.
If for some reason you know of someone in Miami that can handle buttonholes I have a SC that desperately needs one added.
Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR anyone here still keep their money inside of their brozeers? im surprised this option wasnt included in the poll. maybe im just old fashioned.. I'm still in a training bro or I might. I use a M-clip, haven't used a wallet in over a decade - couldn't stand sitting on them and I don't need to pack a lot of shit like a woman.
I think either look fine but in photo A I'd choose a smaller cuff and in photo B I would opt for another .25-.5" of length.
Quote: Originally Posted by lockey2k I purchased some shoes recently which are a tad tight. What is the best way to stretch a shoe's width? Lockey2k I'd be careful, I had a pair of suede loafers stretched by a cobbler and they went from looking brand new to looking worn even though the leather itself wasn't visibly damaged. It's hard to describe but you can just tell the shoes have been stretched out and it doesn't look so good to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by LanceW From my understanding of construction, I believe welting adds weight. I would look for Italian makers of whom I know nothing about. Perhaps Berluti? My Guccis are all pretty lightweight since they use Blake stitching and a single, thin leather sole so I think that is a good point.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnannemarie thanx for the advice Ice, i would wear the boots as per my avatar whilst out to dinner Ah, those would work (and look tasty) but I'd opt for a dress shoe myself - it's seriously blazing hot there 24-7-365 - so any extra leather to build up heat is something I'd personally pass on. I don't even wear all leather sneakers in the summer typically. What I found so crazy when I was there is the vast...
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