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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Note - I have the 2" version as I prefer it a bit thicker. Oh, reaaaaally? This explains a lot.
Quote: Originally Posted by 888style Tim and Fiona Slack It looks very basic & clean - in a good way. Not a shoe I'd personally wear but I can appreciate it.
I really like the jacket, including lapels & blunted corners. To me that is what shows (aside from fit) that it is bespoke. If I had to make a negative comment it would be to have a different buttonhole style and tighter armoholes.
Quote: Originally Posted by untungl They are made in China though. Bummer, I had thought all of their stuff may have been US made. I don't recall what the theoretical retail on the (US made) sport coat I have is, maybe $450-600? I bought it for $115 off Gilt about a year or so ago.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jangofett Er, you dont really fall off the building at the edge you know. The optical illusion when you get off the elevator is quite stunning and it looks like people are going to swim right over the side! It's hard to see in the picture but there are two tiers below the pool to allow for water collection & maintenance - you'd be hard pressed to go overboard - I thought you guys would be more interested in this...
I'll note at a recent gala event with several hundred men beside myself I saw a grand total of one wing collar (and he had his wings tucked under the bowtie strap?!). For this event I opted to use a skinny black tie instead of a bow which gave a nice look. It's prom, I'd assume you are renting a tux and they just toss everything in - the most you can hope for is that the stuff fits reasonably well. I wouldn't/didn't buy anything at your age.
Quote: Originally Posted by Crat I wouldn't be surprised if your double monks were made by Grenson. I would be since they are made by "Zefer" the joint Zegna & Ferragamo project.
Quote: Originally Posted by yeeth and yes, bring swimwear for the infinity pool. Because it is SICK
Quote: Originally Posted by khayes Is a flyfront or stud use of a tux shirt the more classic style? Studs, other than me I haven't seen too many pair a hidden placket with tuxedo. I like the super clean look it gives.
If for some reason you know of someone in Miami that can handle buttonholes I have a SC that desperately needs one added.
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