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Quote: Originally Posted by daxeem Thanks guys. Sorry about the off observations on my part. I just now gained interest in suit etiquette. I'm still not sure if it's a suit or tux in the video I think the main thing I want to find is the vest. Finding a similar suit/tux shouldn't be too hard. It's a clearly a suit - the first thing you look at is the lapels, are they grosgrain or satin? If not, it's not a tux. You do see some more...
Is that a real price?? The GW was never rare at least not in New England. That's '70s muscle car pricing. We had this exact one btw, same color inside & out, when I was younger.
I have an AC tuxedo and love it - their jackets are one of the few that fit me perfectly OTR so quality and SF approval take a back seat. The average person will think it is very nice too. I saw a great AC linen SC recently at Nordstrom's and was glad they didn't have my size in stock... I would have considered full price.
Wow, they make a 36L - I gotta point that out to my brother. I've been eyeing a Aquascutum blazer and if it wasn't black would probably have already bought. Seems like a nice quality, if not super SF level, still above most entry level brands.
Wow, pants were too long and you were upset? That is what hemming is for. Now if they were shorter than described then you would have a legit complaint.
Have you tried on a Short in your size? Depending on your arm length and how much extra material (if any) is in the sleeveend that may be your best bet. Also some of the more fashion forward brands run their normal jackets a bit short on the length and that may work for you too. Then there is of course MTO or bespoke...
Let's talk/show different cuff types. Cifonelli Key West - what do you call this cuff type? I'm most curious about the tab. I believe it's a French Cuff too. Someone posted a pic not too far back of a tan, possibly hunting, coat with this type of tab closure - would love if anyone can find it I've had no luck. French cuffs on Cifonelli. I love the first one jacket, the second one is really bizarre to me - check out the double button at the...
Quote: Originally Posted by ShoesYouCanUse Sweet ! Ditto. I love the unlined aspect.
I would try Audiogon and AVSforum - there are folks there with multi-million dollar theaters. Hell some of the speakers are over $100k alone.
Quote: Originally Posted by GBR Presumably you want to buy on line and not trouble to try them on in a shop? I'd guess Yoox since they usually have a bunch of Piombo in which case order both sizes and return which ever doesn't fit
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