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More than anything, it just doesn't flatter you - you are a thin guy, go for a slim fitting blazer. Personally I'd skip the brass buttons too.
Wow, the retail price makes no sense to me - $600 for the jacket and $260 for pants? They look fine but it would have to be much closer to $400 for both pieces IMO to make it any kind of value. At almost $900 you have a lot of other options.
I have 3 pairs of horse-bits which I wear regularly, they get compliments and are comfortable. I find it hard to believe they are handmade though? They crank a lot of these out every year...
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt For $345, a Hermes T-shirt better be woven with the H logo pattern like their tie. Is there anything special about them? Fabric, constriction, etc? I got my first premium shirt recently (Truzzi) and I can see from how it is made why it costs more than an average shirt like something from Theory or the online MTMs. I get what PT is saying too, wouldn't want to have to pull the Rolls up to more...
Quote: Originally Posted by dieworkwear Really, really educational, Jeffery. As always, I feel like your posts are as illuminating for non-tailors as they are for tailors. I always walk away from your posts feeling like I have a better eye for details. Thanks again. Ditto, I appreciate you taking the time to explain even though you are mostly correct in that I don't understand
Quote: Originally Posted by JermynStreetBoy Thanks for everything guys - OP here - I went ahead and took them out. This forum is badass. Indeed, I just learned that I shouldn't be ironing my FC folded. Oops.
Quote: Originally Posted by inlandisland Thanks - will try. Again, I love your blog. I am just going to implicitly trust that your edits to my draft will make it better. What will the changes in the pattern do? Or, what is their purpose/what are they fixing? Very cool btw!
Quote: Originally Posted by daxeem Thanks guys. Sorry about the off observations on my part. I just now gained interest in suit etiquette. I'm still not sure if it's a suit or tux in the video I think the main thing I want to find is the vest. Finding a similar suit/tux shouldn't be too hard. It's a clearly a suit - the first thing you look at is the lapels, are they grosgrain or satin? If not, it's not a tux. You do see some more...
Is that a real price?? The GW was never rare at least not in New England. That's '70s muscle car pricing. We had this exact one btw, same color inside & out, when I was younger.
I have an AC tuxedo and love it - their jackets are one of the few that fit me perfectly OTR so quality and SF approval take a back seat. The average person will think it is very nice too. I saw a great AC linen SC recently at Nordstrom's and was glad they didn't have my size in stock... I would have considered full price.
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