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I just got some of the 3A last week and they are really nice, I'm totally happy.
Thomas Pink
I'd agree that the in general B&S is "no returns" however that wouldn't preclude me from at least asking, if something didn't work out for me, if it was returnable. Definitely a good idea to spell it out though.
I'm not a fan of the button collar myself, coming from NE I think of it as a very preppy thing and that's not really my style. I also think it looks weird with a tie. I did get a shirt recently from Truzzi which has hidden buttons on the underside of the collar and I really like that - keeps the points in place but is invisible.
Thanks for the quick reply Kent, much appreciated. To those who have had the polos for a while - how do the collar points hold up? One of my pet peeves on most of my polo shirts is the tips tend to curl in unsightly ways and even ironing the bejesus out of them barely helps.
Hi Kent, I'm hoping you can offer an opinion as I'm looking at your navy knit dotted ties to go with a blue & white seersucker suit. I'm wondering if I should stick to the all white dots or would the light blue & white dots work? It would be great to see either "demo'd" - there are no shots showing how they look in use making it a little hard for me to imagine. Of course I can imagine the labor involved if you had to take pics of all of the ties, shirts, etc in use! If...
You got me there, I'd prefer a blue SC over a blazer if we are picking nits on nomenclature.
It sounds like the jeweler is afraid, and rightly so, that in order to remove the scratches he'd have to take off a lot of material or leave an uneven surface - better to have a scratch. I would just keep it clean, polish occasionally and live with the scratches.
I'd stick to using non abrasive cleaning methods (ie mild soapy water) and a polishing cloth and let any scratches lie. Maybe if it was a plain dress watch (and I don't consider an Oyster to be one) with a simple case I could see trying to maintain a mirror surface at the expense of wear.
More than anything, it just doesn't flatter you - you are a thin guy, go for a slim fitting blazer. Personally I'd skip the brass buttons too.
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