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That is a real shame they didn't tell you up front, IMO poor internet/email communication by many businesses is a major blemish to customer service & branding. It's 2011 and it is one of, if not the, dominating ways of communicating and purchasing. It just seems weird they would destroy or trash a last - from what I understand reading here they are not the easiest things to come by or cheap. Unless I'm mistaken it's not like they require a lot of shelf space for...
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanohare Some great deals in there, pity they're not my size. The ZZeg linen sport coat is my size PM/Payment sent on #5.
Quote: Originally Posted by a tailor shorten .25 or 1.25. its all the same price. the tailor has to do the same work. shorten or lengthen, the two most common jacket alterations. I don't know if I agree as an end-user, I had a jacket altered last week and if it had just been .25" he could have left the working buttons and the sleeve innards as stock - however I need more like 1.5" off and he isn't capable of doing it from the shoulder (well...
Gonna have to vote Gucci bit loafer, I own 3 of them. Would love a pair of the Barkers in black though for when I want to sport some attitude. Not a fan of split toe or tassels personally but I do like the shape of those G&Gs posted.
Quote: Originally Posted by aravenel Theres been quite a lot of spam recently... Not sure if there's some new spambot out there or what... Unfortunately the registration process is too simple, it would be nice if the admin could update the software/be more aggressive deleting accounts - I realize this is a free forum so not likely to happen based on my experiences on other boards.
Quote: Originally Posted by Papa Doble I see what you mean. The suspenders would be completely hidden under the vest, which I would not take off. I have some trousers from them with side tabs - they have suspender buttons as well, pretty sure by default (I asked on the first pair but not the second). I don't believe they allow working cuffs on the first jacket if I recall their verbiage, makes sense since once they are cut it makes altering...
Quote: Originally Posted by David Reeves Certainly possible. You may need to use more cloth this way though. I did a post about tender buttons on my blog recently which some people may find interesting: http://davidreevesbespoke.wordpress....ender-buttons/ $7.65 a button? That is ridiculous! I don't know how they compare to the ones in B&S for sale but those are like $1-2ea.
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 Your not being a dick. Well that's a first for me Guys, just FYI I see a bunch of 36/38 in the forum right now that aren't being linked here including blazers that you are looking for so make sure to scour the listings!
Quote: Originally Posted by deveandepot1 I have a couple 38Rs for sale right now. A nice YSL sport coat and a Polo Ralph Lauren corduroy sport coat that will best fit a 36-38. I also have a nice vintage tweed trench in a 38 too. http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=238571 Not to be a dick but if the shoulders on the PRL are really 18.75" that is nowhere near a 36 and not even a 38 IMO.
Are any of these slim fitting? The Vince ones look slim - I'm not into the typical mega baggy linen look at all. I have a pair of LP pants that have a nice slim fit.
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