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Just purchased/received a coat from WhateverYouLike, great communication, fast shipping, and item as described. Would definitely conduct business with him again.
Just arrived Looks good/as described. Fits nicely if a little long in the body and needs some serious press/steamer love.
Quote: Originally Posted by intent Hickey was HF's attempt to reach a younger market. It wasn't as successful as they had hoped and has since shut down. Half-canvassed suits, modern fits (though with kind of padded shoulders). Probably good at $350 or less. EDIT: I own one and it's good. Damn. I just tried a Hickey suit jacket on today (HF fit me like a box) and it was a perfect fit. I'm just not a drop 7... who the F has a 29" waist?
Quote: Originally Posted by blahman From just walking around the streets I see so many people who are more slight than I am. However why is it so hard to find decent jackets with 16.5"-17" shoulders and 28" length. I hear you, it's not like I'm a freak of nature - I see plenty of dudes that are my size IRL. If it helps here are a few sz36 models that were too long for me but fit my 17" shoulders: RLBL Anthony ZZeg no model listed Roda...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola The problem is not all Z are cut exactly the same. Not all Roma,Milano etc are all cut the same. I've tried on Z that I couldn't get on in my size. I've tried on ones one size down that almost fit perfectly. Yup, they don't seem to all use the same cut/sizing - I'm usually a 36 but in ZZegs I have tried on I actually size up to a 38 whereas Nicola's experience is the reverse needing to size down. Most...
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt I'm 5'9" and with my torso length, the Short jackets tend to cover the perfect amount of my backside. I have never been able to wear a Regular without the coat looking ridiculous. I agree, this is an important part of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by memo1019 i thought that one was sold already it sounds like 36 other than 38 though It was, to me I agree, definitely more like a 36 in the shoulder measurement - IME ZZeg's in a 38 fit me well excepting sleeve length and overall, on average (of different brands), I am a 36. The ones I've tried on have been narrow shouldered and slim fitting which is what I need.
Cool pic - it's interesting, one last doesn't need a lot of space... but wow, I hadn't thought about how they need different sizes & widths of each one and how that would add up quickly.
I dig stingray leather but not so much on that shoe. Now if it was blue or green, maybe.
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