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Quote: Originally Posted by Nicola The problem is not all Z are cut exactly the same. Not all Roma,Milano etc are all cut the same. I've tried on Z that I couldn't get on in my size. I've tried on ones one size down that almost fit perfectly. Yup, they don't seem to all use the same cut/sizing - I'm usually a 36 but in ZZegs I have tried on I actually size up to a 38 whereas Nicola's experience is the reverse needing to size down. Most...
Quote: Originally Posted by WorkingOnIt I'm 5'9" and with my torso length, the Short jackets tend to cover the perfect amount of my backside. I have never been able to wear a Regular without the coat looking ridiculous. I agree, this is an important part of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by memo1019 i thought that one was sold already it sounds like 36 other than 38 though It was, to me I agree, definitely more like a 36 in the shoulder measurement - IME ZZeg's in a 38 fit me well excepting sleeve length and overall, on average (of different brands), I am a 36. The ones I've tried on have been narrow shouldered and slim fitting which is what I need.
Cool pic - it's interesting, one last doesn't need a lot of space... but wow, I hadn't thought about how they need different sizes & widths of each one and how that would add up quickly.
I dig stingray leather but not so much on that shoe. Now if it was blue or green, maybe.
Quote: Originally Posted by mjphillips If you're in NYC check out Century 21. If you want something super cheap & quick, check out H&M. Regarding style, I'm a fan of spread turndown collar & 1/2" pleats, though pique can also look nice. IMO spread collars look like shit with a bowtie and particularly a tux. The last event I was at of several hundred older gentlemen in tuxedos I probably saw one in a pleated shirt... most men seem to wear a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Papa Doble So do the side adjusters/tabs have a few buttons you choose from or is it some sort of O-ring? I've never seen or bought pants without belt loops, obviously. Wizard's photo shows it - it's more like a ratcheting system, what's weird to me is the strap is made of rubber or plastic and not fabric. Feels cheap tbh but not something anyone would see. They aren't like the typical side adjusters you might see...
Quote: Originally Posted by Papa Doble From their FAQ: "The functional sleeve buttons feature is only for repeat customer as it may be difficult for your local tailor to adjust the sleeve length if the buttons are already fixed. For first time suit buyers, we can only grant functional sleeve buttons for standard measurement profiles." Right I've read their entire site, but what does that mean? Are you a "standard measurement profile"? They...
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Just to be clear, I'm not sure exactly what happened to the last. I've been jokingly referring to it as having been tossed in the trash or a dumpster . I was simply told by someone at the Jermyn Street shop that they "do not have the last anymore." Maybe they sold it? Or it could just be lost. Still that is a bummer! Good luck with the resoling and hope you get them back just how you want them.
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