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Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum I barely spend more than that on my shirts (ModernTailor etc), and I still don't have any that contain polyester. Ditto. All my dress shirts are cotton or linen. I don't think I even have more than 1 t-shirt that is not 100% cotton.
Does getting something back from the cleaners for the first time count? I had this really nice Barneys shirt, sort of like a lightweight sweater, and when it came home to me it was full of pinholes. How about finding my vintage ski sweater (it had been in storage since the late 80s) and taking it to the cleaner and instead of cleaning it they destroyed it bleeding the colors into each other? Didn't even get to wear that one.
Quote: Originally Posted by PhiloVance Ms. Freeman indicated that EG is able to have that particular last re-made for an additional price. Wait, what?
Quote: Originally Posted by tgt465 Actually bamboo gets turned into rayon, not polyester. I don't own anything rayon, except some jackets with rayon (Bemberg) linings, which I feel are rather good quality, soft and seem to breathe well. Thanks - I knew it was a synthetic at least
Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 Same question here. I was at my tailor today getting fitted for a MTM suit and he had on display a jacket he made for himself in bamboo. Nice texture and pattern and it seemed light weight but no idea how it would hold up and wear. From what I understand most "bamboo" isn't actually bamboo fiber the way we think of it but instead is poly made from bamboo materials. A search on bamboo fiber will probably...
Quote: Originally Posted by Manton The BB is only the classic formal shoe that is readily available today. EG makes a nice one but it costs 3x as much and is hard to find. Mine are Church, quite OK for what they are, but Church apparently stopped making that model a long time ago. Are we talking GY welt only? I saw a pair of patent Ferragamo's last weekend at NMLC, did not look closely to see construction method. I know a few of the...
Yoox sometimes has sz34 jackets/suits
Quote: Originally Posted by amdovers Burlington Black Label will hug you. Try them. Any kind of link/where can we find them? A quick Google was no help. Those Polosohpy ones in the 2nd post look by far the nicest I have seen. Too bad they don't do RTW, it looks like just bespoke so I'd bet those are $300+ ea
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 BULLSHIT You have a private agenda. The fact that Ebay sided for the seller tells a lot about YOU as a buyer. Sellers should be wary of YOU as a buyer. It's ridiculous - he's resurrected every fucking thread he can find to badmouth the seller. ONE post about it is enough and IF a current thread about it were to pop up ok, go ahead and post. Pulling up old posts is just plain bad form and if...
Oy, tried on a pair of Zegna XXX double monks yesterday... perfect damn fit. OK price too (about half MSRP) but I don't really need them nor have the spare cash. Still I have a deal about to close and I may have to buy them for myself as a treat if they are still available then.
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