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For sale: AT&T iPhone 4 black 16gb OS 5.1.1 currently can upgrade to 6.0 for you prior to sending if preferred NO SIM Has a small scratched spot on front, not really noticeable in normal use but I did try to show it as best as possible $225 shipped in the US with no accessories, can include a cable/plug if needed.
No, AT&T or T-Mobile only. I'll call this one of my free bumps since I should have just edited the original post... ooops.
Very good condition iPhone 3GS black 8gb for sale, currently on OS 5.01 (jailbreakable) and at the "setup a new phone" screen. One minor scratch on face not visible in normal usage. $175 with free shipping in 48 states. item is SOLD Excellent condition iPod silver 5th gen 16gb for sale. Barely used with a few minor scratches on face not visible in normal usage. $100 with free shipping in 48 states. item is SOLD I have a brand new charge plug & cable for the...
I don't have a problem playing with the rules but I think the examples are not handsome.
Now you can finally sleep in style like Barney Stinson: Check out the dope peak lapels!
The unlined sleeves don't seem to a be an issue - when putting on the jacket my shirtsleeves just need a tug to pull them all the way out (and I do that with any jacket). Didn't notice any weirdness when removing the jacket like the sleeve being pulled inside-out. It's not as smooth as a lined sleeve but defintely not a showstopper either IMO.
No, it's a pretty nice quality 100% cotton jacket (~$600 retail) and unlined pants.
It all starts with a poor decision - to line a summer weight jacket with unbreathable polyester. Well I say NO! I recently purchased a Bloomingdale's house brand seersucker suit for a very, very, very good price at the Outlet ($50 for the jacket, $20 for the pants) to wear - however it came quarter lined, which I could live with if it was a natural and breathable fabric but instead it is in polyester. What to do? Test wearing the jacket I could tell there was no way I...
I'd recommend Broadlands, if you do a search you find some threads about them. I have a pair and am quite pleased - much nicer than Del Toro when I compared them.
So they are actually Aurlands... interesting factiod.
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