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Now you can finally sleep in style like Barney Stinson: http://cbs.seenon.com/how-i-met-your-mother-suitjama/detail.php?p=361783&v=cbs- Check out the dope peak lapels!
The unlined sleeves don't seem to a be an issue - when putting on the jacket my shirtsleeves just need a tug to pull them all the way out (and I do that with any jacket). Didn't notice any weirdness when removing the jacket like the sleeve being pulled inside-out. It's not as smooth as a lined sleeve but defintely not a showstopper either IMO.
No, it's a pretty nice quality 100% cotton jacket (~$600 retail) and unlined pants.
It all starts with a poor decision - to line a summer weight jacket with unbreathable polyester. Well I say NO! I recently purchased a Bloomingdale's house brand seersucker suit for a very, very, very good price at the Outlet ($50 for the jacket, $20 for the pants) to wear - however it came quarter lined, which I could live with if it was a natural and breathable fabric but instead it is in polyester. What to do? Test wearing the jacket I could tell there was no way I...
I'd recommend Broadlands, if you do a search you find some threads about them. I have a pair and am quite pleased - much nicer than Del Toro when I compared them.
So they are actually Aurlands... interesting factiod.
The most critical measurement is the width from shoulder to shoulder, the rest can usually be adjusted if it isn't too far off. Depending on your build you may be able to fit some 36s but you'll need to experiment and also try various brands as sizing is a bit all-over-the-place. A lot of the designer/european suits you'll see on Gilt, Yoox, etc tend to be slim so you may have luck with 36s if you aren't super narrow - and I've seen Yoox with 34s so there is that...
I have a Truzzi shirt with them and really like it to be honest - it keeps everything in place without being visible. Plus it gives my wife something to do when I'm getting dressed
It's not universal, just like lapel width gorge and button placement differ but in general I prefer the look of the top button in roughly the same place regardless of 1,2 or 3 buttons. I own three 1 buttons jackets - two have the button about the same place as the top button on a 2 button coat and the other... is closer to where the bottom button would be. I never wear the jacket with the lower stance as I think it looks really weird, at some point I'd like to have a top...
That surely does look like a defect to me I can't honestly believe the buyer would sabotage the shoe but instead he did not bother looking at this second shoe until later - unfortunately it seems "convenient" for him from the seller's POV. Considering Allaboutshoes does a fair amount of business, if I was in his shoes I'd take them back and just suck it up as part of business. It was one thing when it was about wrong size/color - I'm sticking to my guns there, B&S is a...
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