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For Sale Custom Hide Scholar Laptop w/ Pockets Briefcase. You can see them new for sale here: http://customhide.com/scholar_laptop_w_pockets_brown.html Very high quality bag, and the laptop area is padded. I used it for about 6 months. They sell new for $379. I'm asking $110 and that includes domestic shipping. Paypal only please. Thanks for looking.
Very Good condition Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in Merlot, size 10D. Slightly narrow for me, and just don't wear them anymore. Classic shoe, and worn only a little. The uppers are in excellent condition as you can see and I've always kept cedar shoe trees in them. The soles look well worn in the pic, but I can promise there's a lot of wear still left in them. For those who know what to look for, you can see the stitching hasn't even started to wear yet on the soles. A...
Hey guys, I just received some Saphir Cream in Bourdeux, and I think there's something wrong with it maybe. I also have the cream in black and it was very creamy and did wonders on my shoes. But the bourdeux was thick and stiff, almost like a wax? Here's what happened...I treated my shoes with the Saphir Renovator, and they looked good....I then tried using a horse hair dauber for the first time (always used a cotton t-shirt before) to spread the cream, but it was so...
Quote: Originally Posted by mjHession Thanks. Very impressive. Noob photographer question... Is the ability to take photos at such high ISO without graininess the ability of the camera, lens or combo The camera.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bradford I watched it live last night, Federer is still amazing. Shouldn't be long until he breaks Sampras' majors record. That already happened at Wimbledon last year.
Finally bit the bullet, and got a CPO 2007 BMW 328i....absolutely loving it...can't imagine what the M3 would be like (or even the 335 for that matter)!!
I've got both because I do both kinds of riding. It's really simple. If you're always going to be on smooth pavement, and your goal is fitness and speed, then nothing but a road bike will do. But if there's even a remote chance that you will go off road, then a mountain bike or possibly a cyclocross bike is a better choice. Simply put, you can make do with a mountain bike on the road, but a road bike on the mountain (or even loose gravel for that matter) would not be a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire So I got it at 2k under invoice, with a .00124 money factor. Just got on this thread, so I missed what kind of car you're getting, but I am also shopping around and thinking of leasing, and just starting to learn about the money factor. .00124 seems pretty awesome, did you have to negotiate that, and does it differ from place to place? I'm shopping around for a BMW 328i, and trying to get all my ducks in a...
Oh boy, I did not need to see these....beautiful ties. The weave looks very similar to your grenadines, is that so? Kenton
If only I was a 38!!!
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