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Another price drop (4/10) W+H hoodie, Large Classic fit, Made in BC, CA The design is a split theme between the distressed left side and undistressed right side. The hems on the left side are all gently frayed (by W+H), creating a subtle, understated look that is just enough out of the ordinary. The color is all black on the outside except for white trim attaching the (Lampo, made in Italy) zipper. Barely worn, in perfect condition. Measurements: Chest 22 Sleeve...
Wings+Horns Gray Hoodie Great hoodie with nice mix of textures and sublime black lining. Very slim arms due to ribbed fabric. I've gotten a bit bigger and unfortunately this no longer fits. It's a large that fits more like a medium. Every time I've worn this out, I got compliments on it. It simply looks great. Classic, timeless style. Very lightly used with plenty of life left. Absolutely no holes, tears, stains, loose threads, or any other sign of damage. Some of the...
Not my auction
I can't remember exactly what they looked like, but I think they might have been wearable if you change the laces to something that contrasts less. Personally, I've always been too intimidated to change laces on boat shoes.....
That last shoe looks like something Suge Knight would wear.
Where do you guys recommend buying shoe trees? How important is it to get a shoe tree whose shape matches the shape of the shoe? Ideally I would like to spend under $50.
One shirt left, updated description and pics.
price drops and items removed
Sold and Shipped
Do the RCs run especially big? How about the OCs? Can you get insole measurements on both shoes? Thanks
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