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I have an older cashmere sweater that is great quality--no pilling, soft--but has stretched out because of the loose weave. I would be much happier if it was a size smaller all around. If I put it in hot water will it felt up or just contract? What is the best way to shrink it and maintain its look?
The Lobbs are outstanding. If they were 10.5 I would be all over them. Good luck.
Bought a "Belvest" suit from Yoox at a what should be a very low price for the brand, but I am wondering if they make a low quality entry line? Got the suit and the buttonholes are machine made, there is no pick stitching and the only thing saying "Belvest" is a hanging tag. However, the cuffs are unfinished like a higher end suit and the fabric is quite nice. Trying to decide if this is High-end overstock unloaded on Yoox or something a step-down, e.g., fused. Fit is...
Not on website. The one I am looking for is a blueblack, not ribbed.
I was dragged to the movie Hangover 3 and locked onto Bradley Cooper's black henley shirt as being a great piece to have. Then it became a gag in the movie. One of the characters kept asking if it was from Diesel. Figuring it was a product placement I looked on the Diesel website, but its not there. Anyone know where I can get it? Thanks in advance, Rob
Steal of the decade. And my size, too. Congrats
I end up returning more than I keep for two reasons: fit and the texture of material. However, I have found the color and styling described to mostly very accurate. They have always been very prompt crediting me with the return and when one package never showed up from UPS, they gave me a full refund with no problems.
Need dark mother of pearl buttons for new blazer. Besides Tender Buttons in NYC, where can they be purchased? Prefer online.
I had a Jantzen order in May. First time in years. Shirt came exactly as ordered in about one month. Will order again.
New Posts  All Forums: