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Gently-worn light-brown Silvano Lattanzi oxfords with an elegant toe. Bought from Neiman Marcus. Original laces with leather embellishments on ends. Always worn with rubber heel and sole savers. One sole saver is slightly chipped away at the toe revealing the original sole in perfect condition--any cobbler can replace/patch the rubber. The letters "SL" are written on the soles with brass nails. Shoes are marked size 12, but please go by the measurements: 12.5 inches...
Congrats. Wear them in good health. I wanted to order a pair but didn't know when I would make it back to Florence for the fitting
40% off on selected shoes today, but not the Peal/C&&J cordovan SWB!
Has anyone tried the Brooks Brothers Horween wingtips now on the website and compared them to Marlows? Understand they are C&J, too. I am curious about fit, finish. Don't own either and trying to decide on one or the other. /Users/pensieve/Desktop/Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 12.40.08 PM.png
/+1 and I have tried quite a few.
Beautiful Glencoes. What is the leather?
stunning shoe!
Snagged the dark Riviera jacket at the sales price. It is just as described: plush hand, great shoulder, nice pic stitching, wonderful cut. Arrived quickly with great hanger and bag. Thanks Ben.
I have moths in my house. Doing my best to get rid of them, but have paid the price with some wool clothes. I have a pair of new Heshung boots with wool tops. Anything I can spray on them to keep the little buggers away?
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