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Really like the pics of the new sport coats, but curious about what you say above: how do half-canvas garments move and feel differently than full canvas.
This new unreturnable policy on full priced items cannot last. It will eat into their orders and this is a public company that needs revenue growth.
They are E width, just long
Did Lobb change it's sizing in the last few years? I have a few Lobbs from years ago and took a 10.5 every time--I normally wear a US 11.. I just picked up a 10.5 William II on ebay and they are too large, clearly sized as a US 11.5. Did I miss something?
Who makes the Valentino line of men's suits? It seems to be more expensive than the Valentino Roma line.
Who makes the Valentino line of suits? I believe it is higher end than Valentino Roma, but don't know for sure.
I have an older cashmere sweater that is great quality--no pilling, soft--but has stretched out because of the loose weave. I would be much happier if it was a size smaller all around. If I put it in hot water will it felt up or just contract? What is the best way to shrink it and maintain its look?
The Lobbs are outstanding. If they were 10.5 I would be all over them. Good luck.
Bought a "Belvest" suit from Yoox at a what should be a very low price for the brand, but I am wondering if they make a low quality entry line? Got the suit and the buttonholes are machine made, there is no pick stitching and the only thing saying "Belvest" is a hanging tag. However, the cuffs are unfinished like a higher end suit and the fabric is quite nice. Trying to decide if this is High-end overstock unloaded on Yoox or something a step-down, e.g., fused. Fit is...
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