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I am about to buy a suit and am curious how to tell if it is full canvas, half-canvas or fused without taking it to a tailor? I have been lucky that my suits are full canvas, but have to admit I don't know how to tell other than by brand.
Wow. Wear them in good health.
+1What are the details on these beauties: maker, model, leather, last?
Do they fit like a real US11?
New Mantellassi boots with Norvegese stitching size 11UK/12US. Will sell or trade for Chelsea boots or double monks in size US 11.
What I would order. Congrats
what I would order. Congrats.
Very happy. Ordered my Heschung Genet boots on Wednesday and had them in hand Thursday night. They are replacing a very similar 10 yr old pair of Heschung shoes I bought at Wilkes Bashford that are the most comfortable kicks I wear. The key is the rubber crepe sole. Like Butta'. Note the sizing: I wear an 11 US and the FR 9.5 fits me fine. These suckers run big.
Bought a few of these and am very happy with them. Good deal.
Really like the pics of the new sport coats, but curious about what you say above: how do half-canvas garments move and feel differently than full canvas.
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