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Hermès Équipage Original Forumla.
I heard the same but I got lucky on Styleforum (where I had never expected)...big thanks to you
Creed Vintage Tabarome.
Creed Windsor
Lanvin Scandal - Amazing Leather Fragrance
Nice Sulka Tie
Bel Ami. I get a similar vibe to Dunhill Blend 30 but Blend 30 seems a little better.
I don't think I would be offended if the person next to me was wearing this fragrance It is hard to describe this fragrance. I was expecting it to be really foul and unbearable so I tested it on a strip first and it turned out to be quite interesting and unique. So, I tried it on my skin. The whole day I was was trying to inhale to see how it smells, then automatically stop inhaling in between, then repeat over and over again.Metallic, slightly milky, aquatic, and like...
Vintage Derby
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