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I have now filed a dispute with PayPal after Spoo's advice, will keep the forum updated about the progress.
Thanks a lot Anaszi, acenow, kev777, Butter, entrero, nerve 64 and the much inspiring SpooPoker for your support, it feels good to be a part of SF. EDIT: Apparently the item has been delivered to someone in Irvine now, I am left speechless by this whole episode.
1) There will be blood 2) Boys Don't cry 3) Basketball Diaries 4) No Country for Old Men 5) Forrest Gump 6) Saving Private Ryan 7) Oldboy 8) Good Will Hunting 9) The secret in their eyes 10) The Unforgiven 11) The Guardian
Quote: Originally Posted by nerve64 I hope you're not in Irvine, CA, because it would have been a lame attempt to prove (by tracking number) that he mailed the item. Paypal relies on sellers to provide tracking number as proof that the item was sent. No, I am not in Irvine and he did not update the tracking number on ebay and paypal, instead he sent me a message on ebay with the tracking number.
My story with this seller started a few months back, I was searching for an iconic vintage Cazal frame and saw that he was selling it. What this seller used to do was put the price as $1 and charge the shipping in hundreds for his frames. Anyways when it came to relist those particular frames he forgot to up the shipping and put these frames on sale for a total of $14. ($1 price + $13 shipping). I bought them at Bin but I promptly accepted his offer to cancel the...
He shipped the item back to his own address. I guess its a new low even by ebay standards, what do you guys think?
Quote: Originally Posted by aridhol I picked up a samuelsohn sportcoat from the salvation army that seems to fit me. I have no idea the age/value/etc... I paid $20CAD for it. Please critique the fit and find It seems to fit you well and it seems a good buy to me considering the choices that we have in Canada.
Thanks L'Incandescent, that was a very helpful and detailed review.
Hello Friends, I am looking for a rose fragrance and cannot pick between Montale Black Aoud & Serge Lutens Sa Majesté la Rose, Could you please elaborate on these two fragrances based on your experience, it would be much appreciated.Thanks.
My Girlfriend got this Pea Coat for me but I believe it is one size large for me
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