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Sulka Vicuna Navy Car Coat http://m.ebay.com/itm/Sulka-Super-Vigugna-wool-Short-overcoat-/252729989894?nav=WATCHING_ACTIVE
1) Sam Hober Tie. Black. Grenadine. Bought from their website. Tried once, never worn outside the house. 55 x 3.5 inches. 2) Sulka - 56 x 3.5 inches. 3) Drakes - 58 x 3.5 inches. 4) Holland & Sherry - 58 x 3.5 inches. 5) Turnbull & Asser - 59 x 3.5 inches. 6) Holt Renfrew. New with tags. Slight pull. 57 x 3.5 inches. 7) Zegna Wool tie. New with tags. 56 x 3.25 inches. 8) Borrelli Tie. Stitching is loose on the back, but still wearable. Soft & luxurious silk. 58 x...
Today I am wearing vintage Floris Lavender.
Vintage Amouage Gold today. My favorite from the Amouage line along with Silver.
Vintage Eau d'Hermes today.
Wearing Crown Perfumery Spiced Limes today.
Wearing Amouage Silver today.
Vintage Floris Sandalwood Toilet Water 210ml splash. Over 95% full. Smells superb. Payment via Paypal. Free USPS shipping with tracking included in asking price. Price is firm.
I thought you might like them since you seem fond of the french style of perfumery. Both Eau d'Hermes and MdM are very french smelling. MdM is not a cologne as it has a fougere type structure with lavender, musk, ambergris,civet, patchouli etc. It won't be completely wrong to call it a more refined Givenchy Gentleman.Eau d'Hermes also has a similar structure but smells different due to cumin and cardamom.
Very nice reviews.I was wondering if you have tried Eau d'Hermes, Creed Baie de Genievre and Guerlain Mouchoir de Monsieur?
New Posts  All Forums: