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still waiting.... meanwhile new Visvim boots just released now offer the standard vibram sole....
the new iteration custom vibram natural colored (slight beige) w/ the visvim CROSS pattern... i was in touch w/ Vibram and they dont have anything similar and refuse to sell me the og ones... (closest they have is the 1328 in white and gray but it is totally different in every way.)
the proxy seller is now kind enough to intervene on my behalf and is attempting to order me the og soles direct from visvim.... fingers (and toes) crossed....
the idiots at VISVIM refuse to resole them bc i purchased via proxy....
i prefer to have not unique but original. but thx for your opinion.
VISVIM has decided to use a custom vibram sole with their newest folk boot iterations. why you might ask? the answer is that they are protecting themselves from knock-offs. how does one then properly resole the visvim boot when the thin custom vibram sole needs replacing? Send it back to Japan for around $200! inc ship and wait an inordinate amount of time to get back, and this is assuming you can find your receipt from a certified visvim store! I purchased mine from a...
hi: anyone have any experience with resoling VISVIM boots here in nyc? i have 3 pairs of virgils with the newer thin vibram iteration that is now being used. one of my pairs needs resole asap. thx in advance!
WTB: COMMON PROJECTS SLIP-ONS 44 in as new condition. Thank you.
PM sent. let me know which pairs you are interested in and i'll do best to get you the info. thx.
spoken for. thank you winston86dit for smooth transaction.
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