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veilance raf +j vans
the hate on roshes is stronger over there.
looked techy enough for me with the zippers on the cuffs and the lapels. i like the fit actually.
peir wu really doesn't like fatties does she?
^ various times is one of my favorite songs by them. have tropic of cancer and dva damas on repeat atm.
xpost from peir wu x snowman thread:edit-better shotuuann dpeir wu x snowmannike [[SPOILER]]
got the camera charged up again, here ya go: pretty much planned to wear these rolled up. inseam's a bit too long for me currently but i might fix that later. might not be a problem for you guys since i'm on the shorter side at 5'5".
got mine too. love the message on the postcard, haha. i took some quick fit pics but ran out of batteries.
looks perfectly fine dude, not sure about those bedsheets though.
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