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never gonna be coat weather here! christophe lemaire+yang li diet butcher slim skin y-3
@herp preorder from anrosa, one of the lucky ones who didn't get the order cancelled. they fit like roshes, but for sizing go down half or full size from your nike size.
ramones and qasas
veilance galvanic coat (maybe) ann d tee peir wu moto pants low top ramones black suit that i don't have to alter too much i think that's it.
Patrik Ervell Black/White check shirt in size XS. Selling since the shirt is really for taller people with no waist (I'm 5'5"), otherwise I'd keep. Brand new with tags (just got this a day or 2 ago), wrinkled due to being folded during shipment. $100 $85 $70 $55 (via Paypal) shipped Measurements: Shoulder: 16.5" P2P: ~17.75" (fits more like 18.5-19 due to box pleat in the back of the shirt) Hem width: 17.75" Sleeve: 23.75" Length (bottom of collar to hem): 29"
new aphex twin. yess.
LOL.. Fontana.. my mom used to work at a clinic there. boonie-ass indeed.
@ClambakeSkate ordered from Korea. contact them through the email on their website, they ship to the US.
blankof kuboraum
best advice here is to lurk here a bit and check out the waywt thread and search the forum for info. since you like military stuff, i think you'd be into sf approved brands like ten c, engineered garments, and nigel cabourn. look for those threads here and be prepared to spend $$$. that's pretty much it.
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