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i'd suggest reading it again. it really just deals with tolerances/qc, the presence of a slight boost near the rolloff of the tone sweep (although I'm assuming they overemphasize it), and that they go with the orange spragues due to tighter tolerances and being more consistently predictable. the tolerances would mainly affect max and lowest settings of a tone cap so your circuit analogy isn't quite comparable. that being said, i'm sure tolerances are more negligible than...
you're paying extra for the pre-soldering and parts you may not need to replace if you think it's worth it. cts pots are decent, but bourns model 82/95 pots imo are pretty godly in terms of the smoothness/ease of physical rotation. the housing is plastic and has a grounding lug instead so you don't have to worry about heating up/damaging the entire pot to solder. found this on the net about...
not too hard, some drilling required on the body and neck (pickguard holes, tuner screws, strap buttons) and basic guitar setup knowledge. you can buy a body with pickup routing of your choice, or find something with the routing you want in the in-stock gallery showcase.i've learned that a scratch awl and some patience is pretty invaluable.
i heard musikraft is pretty good quality (possibly better than warmoth), although i don't think you get as many wood options as warmoth. buying from the in stock showcase from warmoth is a good deal since you don't have to wait weeks for a custom build, so that's something to consider too.
might be due to the fingerboard radii of different guitar models and brands, and probably playing style too. the warmoth neck has a compound radius which is pretty interesting.
thanks guys. the warmoth neck is configured so i don't have to worry about moving the bridge. more info about it: http://www.warmoth.com/Guitar/Necks/ConversionNecks.aspx been playing on a gibson sg for too long so i preferred the shorter reach of the 24.75" scale length more along with some minor things (strap button on the neck plate). sounds kinda like a cross between an sg with p90s and a regular jazzmaster.
finished assembling this jazzmaster parts build a few days ago, aimed for a slightly gibson feel. [[SPOILER]]
thanks dude, yeah it's the panel tank. saw some fits with the chamber vest that looked pretty cool, haven't seen any with the skirt yet.
veilance cdg shirt forever gg lad yang li
looks like i'll be buying geller again. kinda reminded me of recent dries and haider ackermann collections.
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