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Quote: Originally Posted by Mac As do I. The shoes in my avatar are the Carminas. Edit: Not sure if that was rhetorical, but I'm fucking answering it anyway! Yeah, I meant that I had been going to ask about the make before I read the thread. Wonderful shoes. As far as SF window shopping goes, my favourite RTW make together with G&G.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt google rankings Oh, never thought of that. I thought they were in for the clicks. On a related note, is there any chance of DT-ing the "Bespoke tailor asks for advice..." thread? Please?
I love the shape of the Carmina. I was going to ask you what is the shoe in your avatar.
Drops on every single item. C'mon, some very good deals...
Drop on the Kiton.
Added C&J boots.
Great deal on a nice SC.
Great stuff indeed.
Kiton navy blazer sold. Drop on the Borrelli navy blazer.
Drop on the Kiton Blanc Blu blazer.
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