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Shall we say, you guys know a thing or two.
Are the shoes in your avatar EGs? These are Yay as hell.
236 is from my experience narrower than 348. 9D US on 236 was too narrow for me. 8E UK on 348 fits me well.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xiaogou C&J or Carmina +1. Also Grenson, a little cheaper than these two. And Sutor Mantellassi
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman I don't understand this -- Valextra briefcase for under $100 BIN? Thank you very much. If I decide it does not work for me, it will be offered here at cost.
I have a 38R drop 8 Partenopea sportcoat and it is not very slim. Still, one of my favourites.
Worldwide priority tracked and insured shipping included in the prices (it costs me ~$40). Shipping will be from the EU, so no duties or VAT for Europeans. Paypal personal appreciated, but not required. A bunch of new in box Luigi Borrelli Napoli shoes. They are made by Sutor Mantelassi. New and original boxes are included. Discounts offered for multiple purchases. Please take a look at my 'suits & sportcoats' thread with Kiton Diamante Blu, RLPL, RLBL,...
LanLan, windrunner, and Hannes are all excellent, no nonsense buyers. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mac As do I. The shoes in my avatar are the Carminas. Edit: Not sure if that was rhetorical, but I'm fucking answering it anyway! Yeah, I meant that I had been going to ask about the make before I read the thread. Wonderful shoes. As far as SF window shopping goes, my favourite RTW make together with G&G.
Quote: Originally Posted by Matt google rankings Oh, never thought of that. I thought they were in for the clicks. On a related note, is there any chance of DT-ing the "Bespoke tailor asks for advice..." thread? Please?
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