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One of the better fitting RLBLs that I have seen.
The Huntsman looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by petitnoblesse Any ideas on this one?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dexx Tom Ford in burgundy indeed a beauty! Yup. Great shoes.
Beautiful suit.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sanguis Mortuum It can mess up any ironwork that was done to tailored clothing. This post explains it articulately: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=88504 A taster: Quote: Originally Posted by jefferyd First of all, NEVER use a steamer on a suit, and never hang your suit in a steamy bathroom. This bears repeating. NEVER use a steamer on a suit, and never hang your suit in a steamy...
Whose pic is this one: Vox perhaps? Superb.
"Major-General Sir Wilfred Bosher came to distribute the prizes at that school," proceeded Gussie in a dull, toneless voice. "He dropped a book. He stooped to pick it up. And, as he stooped, his trousers split up the back." "How we roared!" Gussie's face twisted. "We did, little swine that we were. Instead of remaining silent and exhibiting a decent sympathy for a gallant officer at a peculiarly embarrassing moment, we howled and yelled with mirth. I loudest...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cuttingboard Correct me if I'm wrong but a 9D US is an 8.5E UK, so you had to size down to an 8E UK in the 348 last? I think 9D US is 8E UK in C&J.
Shall we say, you guys know a thing or two.
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