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Are the in-house shirtings 1-ply or 2-ply?
Quote: Originally Posted by intfxdx i forgot the name but i think it was Dylan, it's another rlbl suit model, it is NOT anthony model. Anthony has lapels not so wide. But the remaining is same. The label says 'ANDRW' which suggests 'Andrew'.
C&J for Shipton & Heneage suede chukkas in 9.5 UK. A little over one hour to go, 35 EUR with no-one bidding. 'C&J' is not mentioned and they will go cheaply.
The ties are beautiful. Very good price for the staples too.
The double monks are interesting.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Coming soon to a Spoo near you... Oh wow, haven't noticed it the first time. Great grab.
The EGs are gorgeous and my size too. Too bigtime for me though...
The RLBL will sell faaast.
I have a NWT 38R RLBL dark olive linen suit. Please let me know in case you're interested.
+1 for 'Yay'.
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