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Drops on the remaining stuff.
Quote: Originally Posted by eddievddr10 AMAZING RLPL for a 44 http://cgi.ebay.com/BNWT-MENS-RALPH-...item25641d48e7 That's a great suit. I had the same one in 42. Ending in 3 hours for those interested.
Worldwide priority tracked and insured shipping included in the prices. Shipping will be from the EU, so no duties or VAT for Europeans. Paypal personal is appreciated, but not required. Discounts offered for multiple purchases. Kiton Diamante Blu s150's charcoal jacket with a subtle pinstripe. Size EU 52 drop 7L (US 42L). Double vents. The jacket is in overall excellent condition. There is a slight discoloration at the very bottom of the jacket. Please...
Sartoria Castangia will be gone in seconds.
I will be having the waist taken in on a SC. My second goal is to open up the quarters. What is the best way to have both done at once?Photo: [[SPOILER]] (Please click the spoiler to see the photo. I don't want to clutter the thread up needlessly).
Damn, your construction threads are fantastic a_tailor. Very helpful to me at the moment.
Quote: Originally Posted by either/or -you might want to ask that question here. As for quarters/balance have a look here. Great links. Thanks.
Does taking in a jacket's waist tend to open the quarters too?
Drops on two Kitons.
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