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What does LOC stand for? I suppose OC will be "of collar".
WTB Ralph Lauren Black Label Velvet Blazer in 38R or 38S. Can be new or pre-owned. Prefer midnight blue but black or dark purple are also fine. Prefer peak lapel. Will pay good money for it.
New in box Valextra wallet for 33 Euro.
The Sutor shoes from the same line I sold before were marked as retailing at ~450 Euro (these do not have MSRP marked).They shoes are Blake constructed.
Drops on all remaining pairs.
Great price. Were they 8 UK I'd buy them immediately.
Great deal for a set of 14 Kiton golden buttons for your navy blazer (20 Euro).
Drops on all remaining pairs.
Thanks for the information. If there are any questions concerning fit, I can PM people who bought those in the past and ask for advice.
They're TTS or slightly larger. I'd recommend them for a 9.5 US rather than 9 US.I'm a UK8E on C&J 337 last and the UK8 Sutors fit me well. I'm unfamiliar with G&G sizing. Could someone familiar with both chime in?
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