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I emailed Patrizio about a bespoke-length knit tie and he told me it was impossible.
Thanks a lot Chul, I can see that. Much appreciated.
Thanks Chul, I tried the Barbour Heritage Beacon jacket but found the shoulders too restrictive. This looks perfect...
[quote [/quote] Hey Chul, where did you get that jacket?
That's what I wear and I receive no end of compliments about the watch. Automatic movement, keeps great time. Delighted with it.
Long time lurker, nascent poster. Site looks like it has been run through a tumble dryer. On an iPad it simply looks lame.
Yes it is much slower than before.
Short answer: yes. I bought the porter monocle short hauler bag 2 years ago and it is still going strong. It garners comments wherever I use it. Rob
Sorry but the new "design" is a complete mess on iPad. It takes longer to load and is visually cluttered. Go to to see how it should be done.
Filippa K.
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