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For something different. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjAXJaFydwM
U.S. Army retiree here of 22 years in the infantry who also served as an exchange officer in the Australian Army in the mid-nineties. While far removed from the age group these ads are targeted to, I believe I can reasonably relate as my son enlisted only 4 years ago in the U.S. Army and is serving in Iraq at the moment with the 82nd Airborne. The Australian ad is more hip (note the music) and informal, characteristic of the more egalitarian aspect of the Australian Army...
You can get masters degrees specifically in IT management/leadership. I don't see how an ordinary MBA would help you along if you wanted to work specifically in IT that would require at least some technical knowledge. I work for a huge IT services company BTW.
$90 in 1981, which included our wedding bands and the cost to translate my divorce decree into German. Had two witnesses, my boss and her coworker. 29 years later, in 2008, she received her engagement ring.
Quote: Originally Posted by milosz Caveats on the SAT comparison - for us young bucks the scores don't line up post-recentering ('92?). And I've read that the verbal itself is the better predictor of IQ, as it's harder to 'teach up' via test prep than the math portion. Similarly, of the ten subtests within the old Wechsler for adults, the vocabulary subtest correlates best with the overall IQ obtained.
One thing we do is put out a basket with items people might need (e.g., a comb, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, tooth paste, razors, mouthwash, etc.). All disposable of course. Basically, the same as what you would see in a hotel. You can get a lot of these in a miniature version. Even if not used, it is still a nice, hospitable gesture.
In a previous professional life, I've given 100s of IQ tests, mostly the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. Correctly speaking, an aptitude test does not equate to an intelligence test. However, they are highly correlated (see last paragraph). Intelligence is a “nested” variable in one’s aptitude for certain competencies. Intelligence is very complex and interacts with other variables. Personality factors do, indeed,...
I've brined a turkey and, frankly, didn't think there was much enough to the result to warrant the effort.
I myself have used dream analysis with clients as a psychotherapist in a former professional life. Are they useful and truly reveal the unconcscious? The answer is, it depends. Freud said, "a dream is a life," meaning that, to fully understand a dream, one must understand the dreamer's psychological makeup. He would also say that the individual is not necessarily the best judge of his own dreams, its repressed significance being rooted in the unconscious. Freud's...
I'm definitely going to try this. Thanks so much!
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