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I will do me level best to come through. Try to save me anything good in size 50! see you gents soon
RSVP baby
look forward to seeing you all. Trying to persuade Ms. de Seingalt to come along as well.
should be good for both. Always a great time. These have been getting better and better. Ok, drunker and drunker too but whatever
coming, maybe +1
i'm down for anything called a "razor club". See ya there!
back from Italy with first hand reports of what's being worn by whom, and where. Look forward to seeing you all...
Always good to see Mr. Ying. confirm that you are coming this time, and I'll wear my bespoke nudie suit in your honor...
Hey, great interview Gus! Nice pixs, too...
Mr. g, do you recall that insane st. Patricks day bash @ the irish bank that I played w/ Lloyd Tripps band, circa 1998? That is the most beer I have ever seen consumed, and in the shortest amount of time, by any sized crowd. They were draining a keg every 3 minutes or so. Good, ugly fun! I will be joining, most likely w the better half, and just briefly, as that's our big night out
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