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I want to wear oxfords with jeans, but I don't want to look like my gramps. I always see those hipster kids with semi dressy looking shoes (the non shiny ones), I want a pair of those to wear with my jeans. I live in Canada BC, where would I start looking? Price range $150- (I don't need good shoes, I just want to wear oxfords for fashion. Screw comfort/durability).
Is it possible to alter peacoats? It's kinda loose around my waist/stomach. How much would it usually cost? 100$?
Quote: Originally Posted by Fraiche A little over $250 with extra kicker code. What's a kicker code? Damn... doesn't ship to Canada -_-.
You know I found a pretty decent coat, I went to GAP and it turns out GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic are like owned by the same guy? Anyways I found this really nice coat at BR Just went downtown and tried it on. I really like it except it's kind of wide around the waist/stomach. Is is possible to tailor it?
Thank you very much guys .
Errr... okay? Any other answers ?
I'm strapped on cash so I can't spend more than $200... Where can I get a decent pea coat (preferably black)? I'm skinny so I need something that's slim fitting . Any suggestions? Oh, I live in BC, Canada. Soooo please post sites or recommend stores that are in Canada .
So I want to buy a pea coat and I'm super low on cash . I found this coat on Macy's, but it looks GIANT on the guy in the pic (I'm very slim 5'11 130 lbs)... I don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it if it's too big. I'm a young guy so I'd look ridic if I wore baggy clothes. Would the small size be too big for me?
Where can I buy a slim fitting pea coat (I'm 5'11 @ 130 lbs). I bought one from Urban Outfitters last year, but I want a diff colored one and they don't have any decent ones atm.
Quick question~ I'm going to wear a black v-neck sweater and a blue shirt underneath. If I decide to wear a tie, what color should I wear??? Thanks in advance :P
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