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Errr... okay? Any other answers ?
I'm strapped on cash so I can't spend more than $200... Where can I get a decent pea coat (preferably black)? I'm skinny so I need something that's slim fitting . Any suggestions? Oh, I live in BC, Canada. Soooo please post sites or recommend stores that are in Canada .
So I want to buy a pea coat and I'm super low on cash . I found this coat on Macy's, but it looks GIANT on the guy in the pic (I'm very slim 5'11 130 lbs)... I don't want to deal with the hassle of returning it if it's too big. I'm a young guy so I'd look ridic if I wore baggy clothes. Would the small size be too big for me? http://www1.macys.com/catalog/produc...tegoryID=25675
Where can I buy a slim fitting pea coat (I'm 5'11 @ 130 lbs). I bought one from Urban Outfitters last year, but I want a diff colored one and they don't have any decent ones atm.
Quick question~ I'm going to wear a black v-neck sweater and a blue shirt underneath. If I decide to wear a tie, what color should I wear??? Thanks in advance :P
So... I own 3 ties, a navy blue one, a black one and a beige/navy blue stripe tie. I'm going for the casual look. I like wearing preppy clothes and I was wondering what kind of tie would go good with anything. Are there any basic colors that I should own?
Quote: Originally Posted by Scooba Nudie makes plenty of 28x32's. I don't know how the Guess jeans fit but you will probably want to try Slim Jims (slim fit straight leg) or Grim Tims (straight leg and slimmer than the Slim Jims - fit between a slim fit and a skinny fit). They will be more expensive than Guess but you can usually get them on Ebay or Yoox for about $100/pair I don't want to wear skinny jeans. I want to wear jeans that are...
It's kind of hard finding jeans that fit me (28x32), but I bought a couple pairs of Guess Lincoln Slim Fits and they fit perfectly (well one does the other doesn't). The problem is Guess doesn't carry a lot of 28's (cause other people buy them as soon as they come out) so I was wondering what other jeans fit like the Lincoln Slim Fits. Thanks in advance.
So far I have Versace Pour Homme, Givenchy Play and Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio. The girls I work with like Versace and Giorgio Armani, but they don't think the Givenchy one suits me. I was wondering what other fragrances I should get. I want something stronger... Is there something stronger than eau de toilette for men? If so where can I buy it? I get my fragrances from the Bay or Holt Renfrew. Thank you in advance.
Quote: Originally Posted by Frodo Post pics of you wearing the blazers. Chances are they don't fit very well, truth be told. It's better to have two solid blazers that you've worked on with an alterations tailor to get them fitting as well as possible before you worry about adding more numbers. A common mistake is to start buying before you understand what dressing is about. You wind up with items that you'll later hate and will get rid of. Buy...
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