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Quote: Originally Posted by mike868y nudies get a really bad rep on sf, but I know a couple of reputable posters have some and really like them (sq4u, slack). also, from the pictures I've seen on it's worn and strictly denim, they seem to fade really well. I'd say hold on to them until they fall apart (if they do). I guess for $200, Nudies are okay. Much better than Diesel or Rocks for sure, but that's not saying much . I think I'll retract my...
It's been almost 3 years for me. I had a near death accident end of high school cause of alcohol poisoning... no more .
Quote: Originally Posted by parc Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair of Naked and Famous online in Canada? If you live in British Columbia, go downtown and check out Dutil and Brooklyn.
Don't APCs stretch out like 2 sizes or something? Do they have jeans in waist size 25, if not I can't wear them. As for the Naked and Famous jeans, I'll try them out ! Thanks guys.
Bleh... I kind of regret buying Nudie jeans. I have an odd feeling that it won't last very long, could someone recommend another brand with similar fits as Slim Jim please?
So after the 6 months, how often do you think I should wash my jeans? I'll most likely be wearing them 2-3 times a week.
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Good call. Post evo pictures, too. Depends. Nudie pushes the "don't wash for six months" idea, but jeans need to be kept relatively clean if you want them to last. If you're coating them in sweat, dirt, or whatever for long periods of time without washing them, the denim will become weak and brittle, and therefore more prone to tears. If you wash them when they're dirty (hint: your jeans shouldn't smell...
Just ordered my Nudies. Just wondering, how long do they usually last for? I lead a pretty chill lifestyle, I don't do anything extreme and hardly ever exercise . It's 98% cotton and 2% lycra.
Bah... I don't think the jeans/fit I'm looking for exists. Is it possible to alter the width of the thighs for jeans? I want jeans that are straight all the way down from the thighs to the legs. And when I say straight, I mean equivalent/nearly the same in width (no tapered jeans or baggy thigh jeans). Does anyone know of any brands close to what I'm looking for? The Nudie Slim Jims are a no-go... 20.5 inches in the thighs (28x34). Clerk told me that 1 waist size makes...
My thigh measurements are 17.8 inches and the size 28x34 thigh measurements are 20.5 inches. Should I size down to 26 or 27?
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