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I think it depends how low you wear your jeans. If you're going to sag them below your waist, then I think you're fine with size 30. If you're going to wear them a little higher, then you can size down cause it'll stretch (2% elastane/lycra/spandex). It might be a little uncomfortable, but it'll defs stretch out!But don't take my word for it, cause I have two pairs of sz 26 Thin Finns (dry black coated and dry stretch) and they fit really differently. The dry black coated...
How much looser are the Dior Homme 21cm compared to Dior Homme 19cm? I understand that 19cm is the more tapered fit, does that mean waist and thigh areas fit relatively same? Oh, also where can I buy Dior Homme 21cm online? I've checked Luisaviaroma and they don't have any.
Just got my paycheck , want to buy a pair of Dior Homme jeans, but I don't know what size to get. I wear 26 Nudies and I live in Vancouver so there aren't a lot of stores where I can try on DH jeans. Only place I found was Holt Renfrew, but they only had like size 30 when I went... So, what size should I wear for a pair of Dior Homme raw jeans (19cm)?
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's So what footwear do you suggest wearing on the hot black sand of the beaches in Hawaii? That's what's called the way to drunk look. That's 3 AM style around most gin mills. LOL. Yep. Not to mention athletes foot really sucks. If you want to look like a carpenter in the Summer it's boots with socks, shorts and an untucked tee with an unbuttoned flannel on the cool morning days. Construction workers got the...
Can you ship to Canada? I loooooooooove Allure Homme, it smells so good.
Tan colored bottom wear + some sort of light/pale blue top + white shoes and white belt ?
I don't wear shorts... ever! I have bitch legs (no hair and stick thin) and obviously self conscious. Even if it's hot, I just rock jeans all summer long lol. I live in Vancouver, not as hot as Toronto, but I've been to Toronto a few times in the summer. Just stay indoors where everything is ac'd .
Would it be possible for you to ship to Canada? If you can, how much would it cost?
Harem pants. Just to poke fun... fat people in skinny jeans short people in nice designer clothing (nothing will ever look good on short people, sorry).
Quote: Originally Posted by htrieu Acne Snake Razor Black or Naked & Famous Skinny Guy Black Power Stretch? NF Skinny Guy. Only because the model wearing the Acne jeans = Yuck... have to pour Visine in my eyes now.
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