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Anyone interested in buying a couple D02s in size 26 for cheap? Pair of black and grey ones.
AH sweeet, bought 'em used. So difficult finding size 26... I want to double up on them too!
Can someone tell me what season these are from please? S/S 2013?
The silver band thing fell off my jeans. Should I just leave it off? Didn't think it'd fall off so quickly.
Looking for non-distressed black D02 SLPs in size 26.
Anyone selling a pair of black 15.5s in size 26? The grey ones fit ok... the hem could be tighter but whatever. The color is hideous lol. Idk why people make grey jeans.
Thanks! Guess I should start hunting for the F/W 2013 ones... I doubt anyone is selling them in size 26 though, let alone the wash I want.Btw are all D02's part cotton/elastane?
Yeah, I just bought a random cheap pair on sale from LVR. SS 2014 MiI, I think it's washed? Hopefully they'll fit. It's a really shitty wash though. Plain ugly grey black, no wonder it's on sale hahahaha. On that note, which year/season fits the tightest/loosest?
Ah ha... much appreciated.I've noticed a lot of the jeans are MiI. Hopefully the washed MiI's fit tighter than the raws.
Just curious, is there a difference in measurements between MiJ and MiI jeans? Like with Diors MiJ fit tighter, is the same true for SLPs? I noticed a lot of the jeans are MiI... I always thought that MiJ fit better and was just better overall than the MiI.
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