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kinda bummed im not going to get a leather before the hiatus. my new goal is to add some muscle so i didnt want to place an order till i have a better idea of measurements. is this going to be ~ a year long break?
are shirts an option again?
any chance of patterned shirts making a comeback? I swear its the best fitting shirt I have and i made a mistake of not stocking up.
anaconda wallet or card holder?
kings a contender after the simmons trade?
Heavy Hands as a name
Tier ( tear) and you still can use toj logo
They were leaving and it was raining outside so he turned his jacket inside out but elaine's dad didnt want to be seen walking with a man wearing a pink and white striped jacket so he had to wear it with the suede facing outside and it ruined it. Excuse the grammar, its late...
how do you guys feel about the all black lows? edit: copped all black lows.
BoA has accounts where you can avoid service charges by either: Using the paperless statement feature and only using the atm for deposits and withdrawls or setting up direct deposit. No minimums required when you do either of those options.
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