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How much extra is the full canvas for Black Lapel?
Another +1 for Proper Suit. I'm not a big fabric guy (prefer durability over luxuriousness - fit is king) and I have 3 of their suits (just received the 3rd one). The 1st one I've had for about 4 months or so, the 2nd for 2 months. I wear them every week as part of my regular rotation and they are holding up well. The first one needed the sleeves lengthened a little bit and the tailor I had do it actually gave the jacket a big thumbs up, especially when I told him the...
Jcrew is running their 20% promo on-line right now. I think the 20% off lands it close to $400 for jacket and pants (maybe a shade over) but that's not too bad if the need is immediate.
I have one suit and one blazer. I would wear a 36R in the regular Boss line and went the same with Selection. Still needed both taken in.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac you have RLPL? that means you already own one of them. Sorry, I think they're actually Blue Label shoes. Made by C&J if I remember my anthology right but it was some time ago that I got them.
So.... I am thinking of making a foray into a 'nicer' pair of shoes (own AE, RL Blue Label English made, Grenson). EG and GG are both going to be in my neck of the woods. As much as I would like to try both, I am not that flush unfortunately. I may get to both eventually but as the first, am looking on some opinions to decide on one or the other. I have gleaned some stuff from different threads but as always, more information is always better. Basically an...
Aargh! Why do you tempt me so?
Unfortunately, I have no basic sewing skills. I wouldn't mind practicing but probably not on this particular jacket. Thanks - I think I have enough to go on to figure out what I want to do.
So the middle/crucial button on my 3 roll 2 SC came off (threads busted). Is this something any ol' seamstress at the corner cleaners can put back on or I need to seek myself a reliable tailor (of which there is one in the area)? It's a cashmere full canvas dealie if that makes a difference at all. Thanks!
Shoulder measurement?
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