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I never had the balls to go into business on my own. I salute those that took the plunge - regardless of the outcome.
Has anyone purchased from or heard of ?
What kind of qualifications do you need to get a job like this? Do you need to pass any exams?
It all depends on how comfortable you feel wearing one. I work in a casual environment and I wear one to work every Friday. People compliment me on my Aloha shirts all the time. I also wear a sport coat to work in the cooler months and while it did raise a few eyebrows and inquiries the first few times, I simply didn't care and now no one asks me why I am wearing one. What matters is that you enjoy what you wear and don't feel self conscious/uncomfortable.
Try David Chow of D.C.Mohex Fashions.
Quote: Originally Posted by ctp120 +1 And a very bold one at that--matching pants could easily take that from a potentially cool, bold sportcoat to a full-blown train wreck. Consider the following example, spoilered so as not to sully the thread: [[SPOILER]] Thanks guys, I will forgo the trouser and stick to having just a sportcoat made.
Quote: Originally Posted by anxiouscowboy I've never considered buying fabric to be made into a jacket or suit. Is this common? Where can I find somone to do this serviceand how much would one expect to spend? Also wanted to add, that I have a nice cotton blazer I got from uniqlo and when I was there yesterday they had a few linen jackets as well I use a low cost HK tailor who vists the US twice a year. On his recent visit he told me he is...
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