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[/quote]I ordered these same shoes in March and expect them to arrive any day now. I am a little concerned about the size that I ordered which was 1 and 1/2 sizes smaller than my "standard American size." The sales person told me that I wanted them snug and that they would ease and conform to my foot with wear. Were you told anything like that? They are beautiful shoes. Congratulations.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bull Don't spend $1,600 on a Pauly. Come to Oxxford in Chicago and do their end-bolt MTM for $1500 - I will say it until I'm blue in the face: it is plainly the best deal around right now, and I can't imagine they will keep the promotion going when the economy recovers. Please give more information on the Oxxford end-bolt offer. Is this available only in Chicago or at any of their dealers? Thanks.
I have those Sutors. They are very comfortable, well made, and I always get compliments on them. That is a great price. I paid much more for mine.
Sold. Thanks!
Quote: Originally Posted by Warrengardner OK , enough tease , let's see the friggen shoes! That is 9 UK not 9 US, righty right right ? Yes, they are 9E UK on the 7000 last. They are the Towcester model not the Brackley. The pics have been added.
Yes, from Neiman Marcus. Just doesn't fit me.
SOLD: John Lobb Towcester, (NOT BRACKLEY) (SORRY, MY MISTAKE) in Chestnut Museum Calf. Size 9E UK on 7000 last. BNIB. Retail is $1060. My price is $530 including shipping in CONUS. Here are the photos. (This is my first post on buy and sell and I just grabbed the photo off the web quicky when I posted. The shoes for sale are John Lobb Towcester, size 9E UK in Chestnut Museum Calf. They came from Neiman Marcus. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by JLibourel Where indeed does one find women like this? I hear of women who bestow princely gifts on their men. All I usually got was soap-on-a-rope! I got her young and was able to "train her well." Actually, come to think of it, it may be the other way around.
Quote: Originally Posted by distinctive What did you need help with...whether you should keep them. And I'm curious, what did the wifey buy to justify this kindness. Kidding, sounds like a keeper. Personally, I only like the first pair of monks and the loafers are cool but not very versatile and as you said, a bit loud. Yes, I was looking for some opinions on what to keep. I like the shoes and they were a gift, but really only love the...
Yeah, I truly got blessed.
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