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Is one of the best ready to wear shoes in the world.....is slick and stylish. Just bought 2 pairs few weeks ago. Lovely shoes, Olu
For those of us that have served the country well, we are delighted to receive the news. To my comrades and friends who has their life during the fight on terror, justice has been served. I am happy to be an American!
Im a US size 11 and I fit size 9.5 in UK size most of the time.
Quote: Originally Posted by mrclam I've been wearing size 10-10.5 for basically all my adult life, and never really had nice dress shoes. However, upon getting my first pair of C&J handgrades, I tried a bunch of different sizes, and found that a size 8 - 8.5 UK would be a tight fit, depending on how thick my socks were. I recently tried a brannock device, and found that my shoe size was a 9.5US between C and D widths. I'd been led to believe that UK...
I feel deeply sorry for these kind of people, however, I am not knocking them off from their misguided part. What a pitty!
Lance, this is Olu....do still have 10% discount for forum members. Have been eyeing the brown cordovan for days.
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS ive owned all 3 brands you mentioned. I hate gucci shoes....but I hate Prada even more. Youre just paying for a name on these....very average quality. Ferragamos happen to be my favorite brand of shoe.....Ive never owned a pair that were less than terrific. Ive only had 1 pair of guccis that I liked...the quality was mediocre, but I like the style. I cant recommend Ferragamos enough. Especially if you can grab em...
Quote: Originally Posted by sundevil Hi all, My fiance and I are getting married on Memorial Day next year and are starting to think about where to go on a honeymoon. We're looking for someplace where we can do a combination of beaching and light sightseeing, preferably somewhere we won't have to compete with thousands of tourists and vacationers and can really relax. We've both traveled quite a bit in Spain and Italy so we probably aren't looking...
Quote: Originally Posted by sinnedk So i am curious as to what people say here when posed with a question of how much your shoes cost. Often times I have co-workers/friends compliment me on my shoes and then the follow up question of how much they cost. I like to save face and avoid answering the question due to the fact that I may pay a lot more than an average person for a good shoe. Today i had a co-worker complement me on a nice pair of boots, and...
An average of 70 hours a week, just concluded 9 days straight for a total of108hours...I do negotiate with the wife to see when she wonna hang out.
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