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For what its worth...I found the size 6.5 Viberg 2030 to be nearly identical to 7D Alden Barrie. The 7D was certainly wearable, but noticeably looser.
I know that the Strand and McAllister are built on same last...but I'm sure I've heard before there are differences in sizing, specifically that the former fits larger the the latter. Any experience here?
Can someone tell me how the AE Strands fit compared to the Alden Barrie? Size up from my Barrie sizing or same?
Drop $300 to $250 rS.sturmPrinz is the first competition specific, high performance rainShell jacket from Assos. Use it as your outer shell over your jersey and/or jacket in rainy conditions, it can also be used as an insulating shell, for long rides in cold temperatures. Bought new (still have tags), never worn out. It has been sitting in closet since purchased. This jacket is the best of the best...but its just a bit too "technical" for my urban commuting needs. The...
Drop $75 to $60 SOLD Worn a few times. Paid $200 for it new. Beautiful high quality leather belt...and THAT buckle! Made from heavy brass. Belt is 3/4 inch wide and 32 inches from outside hole to pin and 36 inches from inside hole to pin. Free shipping within Canada, an extra $10 to ship to CONUS.
Drop $100 to $75 Bought and used very sparingly. Thought I would try selling here before giving eBay a try. With shipping, I paid about $160 for this new. Free shipping within Canada. Shipping to CONUS will cost an extra $10. More info: http://www.hardgraft.com/collections/ipad-cases/products/tiltipadcase-allgrey
I should clarify. I bought a pair of Parkway in 7D and a pair of McTavish in 7E while doing some shopping in Portland. They were both crazy cheap so I overlooked their shortcomings with respect to fit. When I got home I realized that the Parkways 7D were unwearable...way to tight...toe crushing tight. Have since sold them. The McTavish 7E fit a little sloppy, but with the right socks are relatively comfortably. I am now looking at the Strands and wonder what size might...
Does anyone have experience with how Parkway fit compared to Strand or McTavish?
Do you have any pics to show condition of edgetrim?
Are these still available?
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