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If the stitch is the same at the heel, why would one not continue with the welt (360°)? The holdfast can be moved a bit and the welt could sit comfortably even at the heel. Am I missing something? Thanks a lot
SC did a fully hand-sewn sole including blind stitching at the waist some years ago. Here are some pics of my 5+ year old split toes.sorry for the crappy iPhone pics.
Love the new Carmina spectator! Will a UK11 be stocked as well, or how do I go about, if I would like to order the same shoe in UK11? Many thanks for the help
Almost all Italian producers carry such a lock. Take a look here: http://www.mmcolombo.it/en/products-catalogue/keys-locks.html (Model 203S) and here: http://www.obi.it/catalogue.asp?absolutepage=6&lang=en&catalogo_id=1 (Model LB40)
Great news, any more pictures available? Are the seams hand or machine stitched? Would it be possible to order it MTO before February?Thanks
@Leaves Any update on the split toe shoe? My initial post here.
I don't know if this has been posted yet, but it seems the EB "Dover" is happening... Source: https://instagram.com/p/5a0vqXykfF/
A small company in the UK G&M Tools is selling new old stock Barnsley shoemaking tools / knifes. I have no affiliation other than being a happy customer. Delivery was fast, the tools are outstanding and the price is more than appropriate. http://www.gandmtools.co.uk/product-category/saddlers-shoemakers-leatherwork-tools-trade-knives/ Enjoy, Leo
Dear all, Many thanks for your kind answers. The stretch on the prime part of the hide is minimal, but I'm still hesitant. I've had amazing results blind stitching the leather by hand, despite it being very very thin, which makes me wonder. I've been practicing that a lot and most calf hides tend to tear or it is very difficult to achieve a clean hole through the middle of the skin. But with these hides I had full control, despite them being no more than 1mm thick. My...
Dear Nicholas, So you would suggest buying all that is left? I was really worried about the stretch, as it is clearly giving more that standard box calf. I've added three lousy iPhone pictures of the Montana, will take pictures of the Cara Fils hides soon. Regards, Leo
New Posts  All Forums: