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Big respect to MOL!If 1) should be available in 10.5 or 11 I would be a sure taker. Are there any non standard shoes, meaning not brown and black, in size 10.5 or 11?Thanks!
I'm selling my unworn and brand new Kiton Cipa double breasted suit from last years collection. It's an amazing blue birdseye cloth, very appealing to the eye. It's a classic 6x2 double breasted style, but slim fitting as all the Cipa garments. The trousers feature a long belt, classic neapolitan double fastening with a zipper, as well as buttons for braces. I included many pictures for your viewing pleasure. The size is IT 50. I followed the AAAC instructions and these...
I'm putting up for sale a brand new and never used Luigi Borrelli jacket in cream white baby cashmere. The jacket was stored away for many years, but has never been worn. The handwork on this super light and super comfortable piece is outstanding, for your viewing pleasure I included several pictures. Size IT 48. I followed the AAAC instructions and these are the measurements: Chest 54.5cm - 21.46 inches Waist 48.5cm - 19.1 inches Shoulder width 47.5cm - 18.7 inches Back...
I'm afraid their AC line is done by Alfred Sargent. Comparing recent ACs with recent AS HGs leads to this conclusion. Therefore one could easily get in touch with Chay Cooper from AS and order a MTO Handgrade, which is, in my opinion, slightly above the AC line in terms of quality/finish and cheaper in price.Many thanks Nutcracker for these amazing insights as well as beautiful pictures.Regards
The shoe is from the Anthony Cleverley line, model Bodie.
Bodie from the Anthony Cleverley line
Dear Nutcracker, Great reports as always, you are making us dream of Japanese shoes… Two question regarding Spigolas workshop: Did you photograph the machine they are using to stitch the soles? And did you photograph the sewing machine for the uppers? The stitching looks absolutely outstanding. Thanks a lot and many greetings, CigarMan
Hey guys, Carmina has a sale on their website, including some Cordovans. Small and big sizes, nothing in-between. http://www.shop.carminashoemaker.com/index.asp?outlet=1 Regards, Cigarman I'm not affiliated in any way
Wow, such a refined shoe. Congratulations!
Many thanks for this PSA. Do you know if they ship to Europe and accept Paypal? Cheers
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