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Interested as well, depending on the final cost.Thx for such amazing GMTOs.
Wow, really nice. My guess would be UK12 to UK13, just by outsole measurments. Would you be willing to post more pictures? Where does one find such treasures? Thanks
I'm up for trades, if you find a pair you like...love your online store.
is the chained Norvegese construction available on all Bonafe shoes? Thanks
Great boot, thanks for sharing. What kind of stitch is that on the apron?
He has a private mobile number, of course. But I figured he likes his privacy, also because he is working completely alone.
My first post in this great thread, but hopefully not my last. This week I had the pleasure of meeting a master shoemaker in Zurich, Switzerland. His name is Simon Schaeppi and he trained with many of the big names, before venturing out on his own. He doesn't promote his work, as he is busy working for his clients in Switzerland and as he still continues to accept jobs as a maker for a famous London name. So there is no website and no telephone number. The bespoke pair is...
@nutcracker or @ somebody in Japan: Have you had a chance to review the book on Nobuyoshi Seki? I think the title is 至高の靴職人 関信義-手業とその継承に人生を捧げた男がいた, see also this review. I'm thinking on ordering it, if it should contain any good images of his work. Thank you for your feedback
Dear all, I'm selling a Johnstons of Elgin cashmere scarf, from the archive collection. The scarf is brand new, never worn and tags are still attached. Size 32x162 cm. Price is 80 USD including worldwide shipping. Please do check my other listings. Many thanks
Dear all, I'm selling 2.4 m of VBC Hopsack, enough for a jacket. The cloth was purchased in Naples in 2013 and stored properly since then. The last photo depicts the amazing color of this cloth, but most of you will already be familiar with VBCs Hopsack. Price includes worldwide shipping. Thanks
New Posts  All Forums: