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Dear all, Many thanks for your kind answers. The stretch on the prime part of the hide is minimal, but I'm still hesitant. I've had amazing results blind stitching the leather by hand, despite it being very very thin, which makes me wonder. I've been practicing that a lot and most calf hides tend to tear or it is very difficult to achieve a clean hole through the middle of the skin. But with these hides I had full control, despite them being no more than 1mm thick. My...
Dear Nicholas, So you would suggest buying all that is left? I was really worried about the stretch, as it is clearly giving more that standard box calf. I've added three lousy iPhone pictures of the Montana, will take pictures of the Cara Fils hides soon. Regards, Leo
Dear shoemakers and leather experts, I've found some old and super soft calf hides from Tanneries Cara Fils & Cie, defunct since 1984. They look amazing and they have a nice fine natural hatchgrain on them. But there is some light stretch to it. Could that be due to the age? And would you suggest to use it for shoemaking? What do guys think of Montana calf? The seller has a few very old skins and I love the texture, but again, I'm not sure if it is any good for...
Interested as well, depending on the final cost.Thx for such amazing GMTOs.
Wow, really nice. My guess would be UK12 to UK13, just by outsole measurments. Would you be willing to post more pictures? Where does one find such treasures? Thanks
I'm up for trades, if you find a pair you like...love your online store.
is the chained Norvegese construction available on all Bonafe shoes? Thanks
Great boot, thanks for sharing. What kind of stitch is that on the apron?
He has a private mobile number, of course. But I figured he likes his privacy, also because he is working completely alone.
My first post in this great thread, but hopefully not my last. This week I had the pleasure of meeting a master shoemaker in Zurich, Switzerland. His name is Simon Schaeppi and he trained with many of the big names, before venturing out on his own. He doesn't promote his work, as he is busy working for his clients in Switzerland and as he still continues to accept jobs as a maker for a famous London name. So there is no website and no telephone number. The bespoke pair is...
New Posts  All Forums: