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Should have clarified - the Phineas Cole only comes off-the-rack in black, and I want midnight blue. To get that fabric, I have to go MTM.
A bit of research put a true bespoke tuxedo at either Johnathan Behr or Art Lewin (I'm based in LA) north of $3,000; that's a bit over what I'm looking to spend, especially since the Phineas is already extremely close to what I'm looking for.
I'm getting married in a few months, and am shopping for a tuxedo. I've shopped all over, but as a size 36 I've found exactly two that fit reasonably well -- the RLBL, and the Phineas Cole. I'm leaning towards the Phineas Cole as it's a little more classic (more traditional lapel width), and I can have it MTM for slightly less than the RLBL ($2250 v $2400). Plus, I can get the excellent waistcoat shown in the photo below. Any experience with Phineas MTM or tips for...
I need to polish some relatively new shoes, and I'm having a hard time choosing the right product, mainly because the manufacturers have about 30 different color shoes but only like 4 colors of polish. The two shoes in question are the Crockett and Jones Westbourne in Chestnut, which is kind of a cherry brown, and the Gaziano & Girling Walkton in Vintage Pine, which is a medium brown (I think it's a tad darker than in the photos below). Exhibits: C&J Chestnut: here:...
Well, thanks to this enabling bunch I just picked up the last pair of Walktons in my size -- since it's my first time with G&G I only picked up the one pair. If they get here before the discount code runs out and I love 'em, I'm gonna have to pick up another couple pair.
I have the Westbourne in Chestnut, and it's a much darker brown than is in that picture. It photographs pretty differently.
Is that code limited-time-only or can I hang onto it until there are some black Sinatra's available (assuming they would become available)?
Pretty slim selection at 8.5, even slimmer for sales selections. Really want a pair of black Sinatra wholecuts!
Sizing help? I want to pick some of these up... I'm wearing 8E in the C&J 348 last right now, what might that correspond to in G&G?
Great. That's what I'll do then. Thanks!
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