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I've been considering these and think I'll pull the trigger. http://www.pediwear.co.uk/crockett/products/562.php
Quote: Originally Posted by nmoraitis I wonder what the 1983 prices would be in todays dollars. www.westegg.com/inflation/
What would seem most important is, at least to my mind, the gentleman's desire to appear properly clad, albeit in garments that most here would find not to their standards. The development of personal style is far more important than the choice of specific items. I couldn't count the times I've seen someone in a suit of lesser than great material and/or construction look terrific and exude unbridled personal confidence and style. It's more than clothes, gentleman. I'm...
I've been a dedicated fan of boat shoes for 25 years, and have worn many brands.  While I've strayed from Sperry, I've always returned.  IMHO, Sperry is the real deal.  At $75 they are a great bargain, and nearly indestructible.
Can't quite figure out Ricky.  I ordered 10 shirts in April of 2004, and received a quick response that only nine of the fabrics were in stock.  He sent me three shirts per post over several months.  All were well done and to my specs. I again ordered 10 shirts last month, and was rather surprised when Ricky charged my credit card immediately.  The charge, however, was not consistent with the order, so I went back to last years order and found that he had never...
Quote: Well, maybe I'll pick up a pair and we'll go have a drink together at some properly trendy place. Haven't gotten out much since moving here- where's a good place? A really cool historic bar in which your white bucks would never be out of place is the Menger Bar at the Menger Hotel on Alamo Plaza, next to the Alamo and Rivercenter Mall.
Come on fellas.  We here are all somewhat unbalanced...at least when it comes to clothes.  I will say, notwithstanding the abuse that is guaranteed, that I've not spent less than 15K per year on clothes for...well, more years than I can remember.  It's not how much you spend, but how much of your disposable income you spend.  If you have a modest salary of say $50K, have two children, and have to foot the bill for their educations then, 15K per annum is not only...
I live in NY and have never seriously considered buying a pair of white bucks...that was until I bought a seersucker suit last fall.  I haven't had a chance to wear it, but when I do, I'd like to go the distance and pair it with classic white bucks.  Someone has already said that if you're going to go so far as to wear seersucker, you had might as well go all the way and slip into a pair of white bucks.  I couldn't agree more. This being said, I chose to buy a rather...
Quote: I think they still use 330 on their loafers but 337 for everything else. I have the Chester derby handgrade on the 330 last, which I bought last year; however, I can no longer find this model on the C&J, PLal, or Pediwear website. Has C&J discontinued this shoe?
RJMan, as you know the wait time for a pair of full bespoke shoes can seem interminable. How long did you wait for delivery after the placement of your EG special order? Thanks, Rayk
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