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my ranger moc with vibram is rather dark after about 8 months of wearing.
I am in love with this color CXL so I emailed Katie about doing a three eye-let boat shoes with crepe widget, orange insole, and bright yellow lace. But she told me that these bad boy CXL won't be available for another 6 weeks. I guess I'll check back with her in 6 weeks.
Sharp eyes. lol.Thank you all!I think I am on the same boat as you on the favoritism over brogues, and I never thoguht I'd actually like PTBs, but I do now. 975 is almost definitely my pair.
They may shrink a little bit, but nothing noticeable tho.
Just received my first ever Alden in the mail earlier this week, the #8 PTB. Tho I am a LWB and SWB lover, I opted for the PTB this time for the versatility. But I know either the LWB or the SWB+Commando Sole from AOC will be my next in the very near future. The moment I open the box and see the shoes I know that I'll have many more to come! One downside is that there is a very tiny and unnoticeable scratch around the ankle of the shoes. I will try to brush it out and see...
Welcome to the board. Marlow wintips are some of the nicest shell SWB, and not to forget about the penny loafer, which is also one of the finest. And perhaps if you would, provide insider information on whether RL is going to include Marlow for upcoming sales.
keep me posted please!
if those were size 10D. I'll snap that from you right away!
great pick up at a great price!
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