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I ordered the wrong size in the Aldridge suit from J.Crew from the final sale section, so it doesn't fit and I can't return it. I paid $169 including tax - it's still on sale, but for slightly more. If you're in the market, I will sell it for $169/obo shipped to your door. Here is the eBay auction. Questions? Just ask.
That 35mm lens is wonderful, and a steal at $80.
I'm interested, but I do want to see pictures of the actual unit.
Louis Vuitton never made sunglasses. They're both fake.
Not to pile on, but that just looks like a random stack of LV receipts, not the ones for the glasses. Seller, can you provide a redacted copy?
Bought a pair of brown Gucci horsebit drivers off eBay, they're just a bit too big on me. Sized US 10.5 D. Here is the eBay auction page with the pics. NM page on these. They are in very good shape, with little to no wear on the sole, and only very minor scuffs and dings to the shoes. They look great after a fresh polishing. (I know Gucci gets no love here, but as they go, these are tasteful.) Asking less than what I paid, $178 PP gift shipped CONUS. Any questions,...
Wanted to buy, Wolfe loafers in mahogany, size 10.5 (marked/uk). Will pay $225 used, nego. new.
man, if only these were a D - glws
To fleabay...priced higher to make up for fees, but I'll still honor a lower price of $200 for SF'ers.
Drop. $55 shipped.
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