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No marriage, arranged or by shotgun. The brightness was deliberate to show the curly maple. Patina and aging are consistent throughout.
All the usual suspects, draw knife markings, joining techniques and the appraisal by the VP of Butterfields and Butterfields. He graciously made a house call appraising numerous items gratis, in hopes of consignments.
I love my little drop leaf Tiger Maple table. With the leafs extended, the Tiger Maple really jumps! ( American 18th C. )
pics of items for sale?
Thanks for the Ricardo's recommendation. Closer to Silly Corn Valley, seems to be worth a look and timely. New Oxxford SC needs some expert thread work. Surgeon cuffs with contrasting thread color. Navy blazer, thinking of purple thread for one button hole..maybe burgundy.
Nice Eyvand Earle !
Quote: Originally Posted by seminole77 1961 Railmaster, all original and some pocket watches post restoration
1961 Railmaster, all original and some pocket watches
What are the questions one should ask a tailor before agreeing to purchase a custom made suit?
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