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I'm normally an XL in Epaulet's standard in-house fit, but for these I went with the Ashland fit (now Keystone) in L and added 2" to the sleeves. According to the measurements online, this technically only differs by 1" in the sleeves compared to the standard fit, and 1.5" in body length. The 0.5" difference in the chest and collar also helped. I'm a 45" chest and it's comfy on me, but there's a chance you may find it a little snug there.
I got the chance to wear my new Gitman/Epaulet MTO shirts and they are fantastic, especially in terms of length, which has been a somewhat limiting factor for me in the past with Epaulet shirts. Then again, I'm 6'4" with long arms and a long torso, so I will be keeping fingers crossed that the fit is consistent in future orders.
Thanks Matt! I appreciate the speedy response. Looking forward to them.
Anyone who has purchased the Gitman MTO shirts: how long did it take to receive yours? I ordered mine about 2 months ago and am starting to wonder since the expected delivery time was 4-6 weeks.
I can confirm the excellence of the snorkel parka. It's bad-ass and got me through a six week stint in Anchorage in the dead of winter last year.
Apologies if this has bee covered and I missed it, but any word on when the MTO Super 120s suiting might be going up? My wallet's open and trigger finger's itching.
Excellent news. I plan on jumping on an MTO suit as soon as the option is available again. Keep us posted!
Was dropping off my latest Epaulet trouser additions to get hemmed and noticed someone else had just dropped off a pair of the side-tabs. They do look pretty slick in person. Might have to move those to the top of the queue.
Received my Carmina Faulkner shortwings the other day and got to rock them yesterday at work. They are the TITS. If they're available in your size, jump on 'em.
Yep. Sorry, dude. I was kind of hoping for the same thing to happen to me, as I shouldn't be dropping that much right now, but I couldn't resist. I'll let you know if they don't work out.
New Posts  All Forums: