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@SvelteDave First step: Email C&J and see how they respond. Experience has been that they have good customer service The bumps on the toe cap I would say are not big issues The welt is weird and I could see them taking that back. Let us know how they reacted.
Thanks Cleav. Bother lasts are beautiful, unfortunately the 337 was always too wide for me. I hope that 373 is closer to 348.
Waymouth on 373? If so I would be really curious how 373 fits compared to other lasts and especially 348.
After sizing of a pair of AEs changed noticly after resoling by an Independent repair service, I was told that this could be because the shoes were not put on the original last for the work. Since then I prefer to have shoes resoled by the makers since only they will be able to put them on the original last.
Inverness in Dark Oak bought in 2012
True, probably MH71? Not a fan of these laces though.
http://shop.kreis-ledermanufaktur.de/index.php?id=3&no_cache=1 unfortunately only in German and I do not know where they ship to, but here you have a large selection of leathers, buckles in combination with any measurements for an OK price.
First question: Never seen patent oxford with chiselled toe as RTW (of course it might still exist and there is MTO/Bespoke, but at least it is not omnipresent). If you do not want patentyou could be a bit more adventurous (polished C&J Alex with a chiselled toe worked in one of the recent Bond movies).Second question: Because some people just dislike dress pumps (e.g me, myself and I)
Only good experience with Pediwear - very quick service and they seem to truly care about happy customers.
Makes me feel better about Germany where summer is the best 2.5 weeks each year
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