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I do not see an issue with wearing wingtips oxfords with dark blue jeans and a dress shirt (maybe I would not use black wingtips, but rather brown or tan ones). I do not like the idea of a suit jacket. Better take a less formal looking sports coat, e.g. tweed in fall / winter or linen in spring.
Agree it is subtle
I just received my order from the June tour
I have had rather good experiences with Chan wrt. getting the back clean. If not at the first attempt than Chan got it after an additional fix. Maybe I simply have an "easy to cut" back :-)Also, I would be careful with judging the garment based on (self-made) photos. Flashlight or bad lighting and resulting shadows can exaggerate small imperfections quite a bit.
I heard that wearing those kind of shirts for business is acceptable in Honolulu, but this would fall in the category REGIONAL PARTICULARITIES just like "wearing a suit in combination with cowboy boots in Texas" or "combining dress trousers, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes with a Loden jacket in Southern Bavaria"
I have been working in the past for one of the big three strategy consulting firms in the US and interviewed a few dozen people for them. Contrary to popular believe, your outfit will hardly been taken in consideration as long as you wear some kind of suit with some kind of dress shoes and a tie. It is purely based on the impression you make when answering the interview questions and in particular how well to solve the business cases. At least in the US, management...
Well nobody complained about the Bond look because he is wearing a sport shirt, which is not tucked into his white informal trouser, while being on a tropical island (Bahamas?). Nobody dismissed wearing a short sleeved linen shirt in combination with shorts at a pool bar or on a sailing boat. Consensus was, however, that wearing a short sleeved "dress" shirt with a suit and tie is terrible.
I wear ties frequently and still I do not like poplin shirts unless they are (a) white (b) patterned (striped, checked).Somehow solid poplin shirts in colors other than white appear a bit dull. For solid colors (which in my case is mainly blue and sometimes pink) I prefer- for more formal solid-colored shirts: fine twill, fine herringbone, royal oxford, end-on-end, pinpoint- for less formal solid-colored shirts incl. BDs: more substantial pinpoint, more substantial twills,...
I do 100% agree ... hate these different material inside the collar / cuffs shirts and the same applies to those with colourful buttons or shiny thread used to sew on the buttons. Kind of funny that most wearers of look-at-me shirts usually wear a rather ill-fitting shirt, which one should not draw attention to.woolymammoth seems to not fit this type of shirt wearer since he keeps the funky stuff at an invisible spot ... similar to a unusual jacket lining.
Well none of mine show signs of rust and I had them on my shoes for up to four years and I life in a place were rain is rather common.I never asked for the precise material compositon but I assume that corrosion resistant (stainless) steel with sufficiently high chromium content is commonly used. If you are still concerned you could ask for brass plates.
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