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The suits are half-canvassed and made somewhere overseas (I believe it is Thailand, but do not nail me down on that). Hard to say what this means for quality, but it certainly explains some of the price differential. I guess another reason for the lower prices could be the fabrics - unfortunately one does not know what the weight, fineness and source of the available fabrics are.
If you are looking for a trench jacket, then burberry has a lot of choice at steep prices. If you want a real trench coat you should look for those from Grenfell - they have the classic Windsor model, which can also be bought online and a shorter model (do not remember the name, but seen it in a store). http://grenfell.com/rest-of-the-world/menswear/mens-coats/grenfell-windsor-trench-coat
For those interested - Here is a cross-posting on my latest Chan acquisition and the excellent experience with them: http://www.styleforum.net/t/127218/show-us-your-chan/645#post_7207725
Here is a photo of my latest W.W. Chan purchase. I ordered it on one of Chan's recent tours and I was later in Hong Kong for a basted and another fitting with Patrick Chu. I had already gone through the whole process with basted and other fittings for my first Chan suit, but wanted to do it again since this was my first three-piece suit made by Chan. Patrick Chu and his team did a formidable job and the suit came out very well. The service was as always impeccable. I also...
I am looking for fabric options for a new suit, it should be a worsted wool three piece which would be used in the more formal / most formal business settings. Hence worn mainly during the day or early evening and should be good for most of the year in the temparate climate of central Europe (so covering outdoor temperatures ranging from 0 to 25 centigrade). Hence, the fabric texture should be sufficiently fine and the weight should not be too high or too flimsy (e.g. i...
Suit and tie is fine, you will see the full range from very casual to business formal.
Shirting fabrics have been discussed plenty in the past, but I am not so sure how much these 5+ year-old discussions still reflect the current product lines of the different makers and their quality, designs and performance. I have been buying bespoke shirts made from various Thomas Mason lines (Byron-Kent, St. James, Royal Oxford ...). While I am happy with the quality (except for one case of heavy shrinking despite washing them always at 30 deg centigrade), I am a bit...
You want to move there and you have made business trip there? Makes you a real China expert, doesn't it?
Let's be honest: This depends very much on the demographic in which you are interested - American white trash? English old aristocracy? Russian Nouceau Riche? Gothic Punks? ...If you are trying to invite a blondy with fake tits, fake nails and fake lips, who is doing porn in order to kick start a serious acting career later on, to a Mötley Crüe concert, you better show up with a shirt sporting a giant Armani, Ralph Lauren, D&G, Hugo Boss or Versage labelIf you are talking...
I am not a fan of topying, but you could/should get metal toe taps installed at the shoe tips since this is where the soles often get worn down the quickest (depending on your walking style).There is a version of these taps which is simply nailed onto the sole and a sunken version ("Einlasseisen" in German). The latter looks better, but you need a skilled cobbler (or ask Vass) whereas any cobbler will be able to put on the former.
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