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My academic experience lies within engineering departments of research universities in the U.S. and Germany with occasional excursions into the adjacent business schools. While one could observe changes as people moved from undergraduate to graduate studies (most engineering grad students work as research assistants from the beginning to completion of their graduate studies) and on to scientific staff positions (post-docs and research engineers ... the direct path from...
As one of those "keyboard aristocrats" (thanks Thrift Vader) I would say that you will not find much knowledge on bespoke suits on tourist boards, where people look for the vacation thrill of getting a "bespoke" suit made in a day for cheap. And by the way...the tripadvisor reviews refer to the Shanghai branch which has only the name in common with the HK branch. A cheaper tailoring option in HK which is OK would be Peter Lee Baron (in a mall next to the Sheraton in Kowloon).
Regarding the jacket: There are competing rules: (1) The jacket needs to fully cover you butt ---> Clearly not the case with your suits (2) The jacket should end at the knuckles of your thumb if your arms hand down on the side ----> On your photos it is clear that even with you arms slightly bend the jacket ends at your wrists The good news: Shoulders and collar actually seem to fit The trousers look like skinny jeans .... and that is terrible for suit trousers: They are...
Back needs to be cleaned up across the board, especially the jacked seems very tight in the waist and the bunching between the shoulder blades looks bad. Sleeves should be shortened a bit. I am not seeing a major sleeve pitch issue to be honest (am I missing something)...
The new minister of finance of Greece, Euclid Tsakalotos, working hard to look even worse than Yanis. Not sure if the goal of this outfit is to highlight the desperate state of the Greek treasury or to make an anarchist statement. P.S.: Is his zipper open?
Expect something around HKD 1500 to 1600 for a shirt from a 100s cotton fabric and unfused collar. With a fused collar it should be a wee bit cheaper.
On the way to a family gathering Shoes: Crockett & Jones Suit: Canali Waistcoat: BB Shirt: TM Lewin Tie: Exquisite Trimmings PS: no name
IF Corneliani works, why don't you stick with it?http://www.hiltl.de/ should also be available in CHelse MTM ... if your legs deviate very much from the average this might be you only option
Your impression is wrong. Incotex is a well known dress trouser specialist and recommendable. Another less known specialist is Hiltl. There were also always nice dress trousers on display at Paul Stuart - not sure who makes them for Paul Stuart.
The gorge is a matter of personal taste. So it is up to you. Regarding the trousers you should simply ask Patrick about the saggy back and it he can fix it with These trousers or if it would get better e.g. with flat front trousers.
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