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Thanks for the nymphenburg link. I know that the previous owner (Mr Rudolph) was well known and highly regarded. Never heard anything about his successor.
Max Dietl is one of the two local names on my list (together with Sicking). Have you had any first hand experience with Dietl's bespoke program?
I have used for years the services of a well known HK tailor and admittedly I have been generally happy with the results. However, i increasingly am unhappy with the distance between me and my tailor. Firstly, there is the challenge of commissioning new suits since the tailor visits Europe only a few times per year and those dates do not necessarily fit my work schedule (also the tailor does not visit my home city which forces me to take a day off and travel to another...
Masters in Engineering - Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA, USA) Diplom-Ingenieur (combined BS and MS in engineering) - University of Stuttgart (Stuttgart, BW, Germany) Ph.D. in Engineering - Georgia Tech (Atlanta, GA, USA)
These shoes look chunky and like an unsuccessful attempt to make an hybrid of dress shoes and more athletic shoes. So I would stay away from wearing these in combination with a business suit.
The satin shirt would be hilarious - good for a pimp n' hoe party. Rather go with a white, light to medium blue or light pink cotton shirt. Generally all tie colors except for black work with navy suits. Personal favorites of mine would be ties (solid, pin dots, stripes, not too flashy floral prints,...) with following base colors - Wine - Brown - Navy/Blue - Pink
The pure presence of the collar made from worsted wool is actually a sign that corners were NOT cut. Most waistcoats (even from high end brands or makers) actually come without this feature and have the back made from Bemberg only.
Looks a non-issue to me and I would not be sure if more precise cutting and sewing is even possible with this rather delicate material used for the back of the vest. More important: this part is not to be seen by anyone (like the lining of the coat) because you will wear the suit coat on top, which is supposed to stay on.
At this time of the year I would also consider taking the S-Bahn out to Lake Starnberg: Cycle around the lake, go swimming or visit a beer garden and enjoy the view of the Alps beyond the lake.....or head to Lake Ammer and go on a (beer)-pilgrimage to the Andechs monastry. You may also wanna check out the Tollwood festival in the Olympic Park http://www.tollwood.de/english/summerfestival-2014/
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