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Late posting from last week, when I was on a business trip to the UAE. No full body shot this time, but a close up of shirt and suit fabric. ... suit is W.W. Chan (midgrey pinstripe from the Scabal Classics book) ... shirt is W.W. Chan (light blue royal oxford from Thomas Mason) ... tie is a navy grenadine by Drake's ... shoes are Crockett & Jones Edgware in black P.S.: Forgive the absence of a pocket square ... forgot it when packing in a hurry
Pictures of yesterday's outfit: Suit: Brooks Brothers 1818 Shirt: TM Lewin Tie: House brand of store HIRMER in Munich Square: Brooks Brothers Shoes: Crockett & Jones
Today: Suit: W.W. Chan (from Holland & Sherry's Classic Worsteds book) Shirt: W.W. Chan (from Acorn's Grasmere book ... it is ice blue, which is hard to see on the pics) Tie: Exquisite Trimmings Square: Brooks Brothers Cufflinks: Braun Hamburg Belt: Kreis Shoes: Carmina
True. the dark brown semi brogues are however more versatile for other occasions, which is relevant since we are doing a roadtrip with light luggage through Transylvania after the wedding. Here black oxfords would not be very useful.
Attended a wedding in Romania yesterday.
Some snapshots of today Suit: W.W. Chan (Holland & Sherry Classic Worsteds) Shirt: W.W. Chan (Thomas Mason) Tie: Atkinsons Pocket Square: Exquisite Trimmings Cufflinks: Brooks Brothers Belt: Crockett & Jones Shoes: Crockett & Jones
I have a question, which does not concern fit, but a recent repair of a suit: I had a little damage on the inside of a suit collar rewoven. Unfortunately, it is not as invisible as I had hoped. I know most people will say that it does not matter since it is on the inside of the collar and not visible when wearing the jacket, but then there is my OCD. So, is it possible to get the reweaving done better (in which case I would ask for the repair to be redone) or is this...
Only if there will be strippers ... pretty ones.
I have been traveling for years heavily for business and managed to get away with carry-on only when staying out Mon-Thu or Mon-Fri If there is a weekend in between for private reasons or because intercontinental travel would make it a hazzle to go back and forth, I started opting for carry-on plus finding a dry cleaner close by and getting things (underwear, shirts) cleaned over the weekend. As long as you do not use hotel laundry it is not so expensive ... also the...
That is why the ancient Greeks and Romans opted for Togas ...Seriously: If someone specifically trains body parts, e.g. arms to become more muscular than average joe, then it is a question of time until when suit patterns made for average joe will no longer do the trick. It seems that he has reached that limit with his Polo Ralph Lauren suit, which are not super skinny (I own one myself and I am certainly not at risk of anorexia).
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