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You suspect this improvement of their backend system and mfg process based on what? At least the amount of bad products reaching customers does not seem to slow down and response time to complaints seems to rather get worse.One example that they do not get it is the recent issue with the V seam on their Chelseas: Do they warn customers that they are not capable of producing what was shown and give them the chance to opt out? No. Do they now show that the Cordovan Chelsea...
it is terrible -as bad as their quality control. It is not only that they are slow to respond (assuming they ever do it), but you cannot even trust that they remember what they promised you in writing.If they react to all the trouble they caused With their inability to handle the demand from the mto program by expanding even further with new stores, then they clearly do not get it or they do not care.
Never cared since I only order at trunk shows, but do not do fittings there (and completed garments I can check easily at home after delivery). Nevertheless, that might depend on the individual location, but I am sure they allow BYOM (bring your own mirror...also recommended in case that you suspect HK tailors to alter mirror accuracy to prevent customers from seeing how their garments look).
While your information might be correct about "most tailors in Hong Kong", it is definitely posted in the wrong thread since W.W. Chan has plenty of mirrors in his fitting rooms and you can indulge in looking at your garment from any possible angle. And this has been the case at both the old and new location. I myself checked the back of my Chan coats and trousers very carefully and consider them clean.Also there is no doubt that W.W. Chan will go out of its way to make...
I agree it is a beauty and it is good to see that Airbus is getting competitive to the 787 and 777 in the long range market again after the misjudgement with the A380 (engineering marvel without a sufficiently large market).
^ definitely gorgeous soles
Send a quick email, they will tell you incl. pricing
I actually have a shoe closet with glass doors. Of course with far less pairs of shoe inside (12 pairs only) than in your example ... also I share it with my wife. Shoes are in there with trees inside and they are not exposed to direct sun light.
I am thinking about getting a new suit made: Three-piece in solid dark navy twill. Use would be for more formal business and "less-than-dinner-suit" Events. Climate-wise I am living in Germany, i.e. real winters with snow and hot phases in summer are rather short. Hence, I am tending towards a 13 ounce worsted wool. Options on my table are --> Harrisons Oyster --> Smith Woolens Botany --> H. Lesser No. 303 13ozs Any thoughts about the pros and cons of these choices? H....
I think this would work as an excuse if things are merely overlooked or get lost or emails remain unanswered, but repeatedly shipping out products where you clearly deviated significantly from what was sold (none of the boots on the website showsthat huge and ugly seam ... and it is impossible to accidently make this seam) without loosing a word about it in the hope that the customer accepts? Are those still accidents?
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