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My ideal size for the AE Park Avenue is between US 10.5B and US 10.5CMy ideal size on Carmina Deia and Simpson is UK 9.5Which should tell you that both lasts are rather slim fitting!
I do not know if it is possible to get EG's antiquing effect at Carmina.If you are solely asking about the base-color: Difficult to say since EG's dark oak varies between shoes and the browns of Carmina also have some variation between batches ... probably the closest would be Carmina's brown vergano calf leather.
Indeed this would be awesome, but then I doubt it is realistic expecting from a rather small shoemaker like Carmina to match features and functionality of car OEMs' online configuration tools...
I also wear down tips of shoes with leather soles quite fast and therefore install metal toe taps on all dress shoes with leather soles. This being said I have a pair of shoes and a pair of boots with dainite sole and doe not have any significant wear at the tips even after years.
I guess the perception of winner is a function of the observers IQ a) If you are sufficiently dumb to buy in the overwhelmingly made-up crap drooling out of "The Donald's" mouth, then Trump has won. b) If you are capable to distinguish demagoguery from facts, then Trump was pure sadness to watch. P.S.: I am not delusional enough to believe that there is a politician which does not occasionally spin facts, but Trump lives in a entirely different reality P.P.S.: Can...
True, I saw the Vass U-last in their store in Budapest once and it I really beautiful. Unfortunately most Vass shoes I find in shops are e rather chunky traditional Budapester lasts...
MY question is: Which is the most visually appealing shoe last in your opinion (so I am not asking for fit here, because here "good" is very subjective based on foot anatomy). I hope to learn more about lasts from makers I had little experience so far ... photos and links are much appreciated. I have mainly experience with shoes from Carmina, Edward Green, C&J, Allen Edmonds, Ed Meier and looked at plenty of real life examples from John Lobb Paris, Alden, Church's. For...
Late posting from last week, when I was on a business trip to the UAE. No full body shot this time, but a close up of shirt and suit fabric. ... suit is W.W. Chan (midgrey pinstripe from the Scabal Classics book) ... shirt is W.W. Chan (light blue royal oxford from Thomas Mason) ... tie is a navy grenadine by Drake's ... shoes are Crockett & Jones Edgware in black P.S.: Forgive the absence of a pocket square ... forgot it when packing in a hurry
Pictures of yesterday's outfit: Suit: Brooks Brothers 1818 Shirt: TM Lewin Tie: House brand of store HIRMER in Munich Square: Brooks Brothers Shoes: Crockett & Jones
Today: Suit: W.W. Chan (from Holland & Sherry's Classic Worsteds book) Shirt: W.W. Chan (from Acorn's Grasmere book ... it is ice blue, which is hard to see on the pics) Tie: Exquisite Trimmings Square: Brooks Brothers Cufflinks: Braun Hamburg Belt: Kreis Shoes: Carmina
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