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because it makes me feel good and because i can. i don't really buy clothes thinking "will people like this piece?" or "what will so-and-so think about this?" i buy clothes to satisfy my own image of myself. and it's not like i have an OCD problem with self-image, at times when i don't have much money or if it's going elsewhere (school, other hobbies, dates), i don't go into withdraw or get depressed, i simply roll with the waves and don't think about it much.
tom ford
Quote: Originally Posted by Fresh44 never seen a Black Label suit anywhere near $600... stick around this forum more, you'll see these kinds of discounts a lot more often.
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast I wouldn't even suggest a remedy of your own to begin with; let them make the first offer. i agree with this. this past summer in august i referred a friend to my tailor of a few years to do some basic alterations on a few pants and shirts. i went out of the country for about a month, then when i came back, i called my friend to see how the alterations went. he told me that my tailor had not even called...
Quote: Originally Posted by southbound35 Where have you seen them for $2? ebay. i got a dozen pairs of them in varying colors for $5 actually.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh +1 aargrghh +2
you can tell the difference if you lived in hawaii for a while, then go to the continental US, especially in a dirty main city like NYC or LA. even here in seattle the water generally has high enough chloramine residuals that you can taste it. the large companies like dasani and aquafina don't just pour tap water straight into the bottles. a lot of people are misguided because it was a big thing in the 90's for smaller companies to do this. bigger companies claim...
i love the style. the EG bedford is the perfect example, but more casually worn than dressed up. (i.e. jeans)
Quote: Originally Posted by xoulsinz I'm trying to stay away from laced tops (personal preference) if possible.... by laced tops do you mean balmorals or bluchers? bals are the accepted standard for just about anything. monkstraps are not appropriate for many conservative interviews/events. and boots to a funeral? are they military spit-shined?
this is an obviously trendy coat if you couldn't tell, epaulettes, super slim (well, that's just being an asian style), short length, DB'ed. and like youngscientist said, unremarkably so. quality is most likely crap as well. whether or not it's worth $50 is up to you. you sure you wanted to post this MC? maybe better response in SW&D. Quote: Originally Posted by GreenPlastic Not sure about the peacoat. That scarf is pretty infamous, though, and was a...
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