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i wonder if there were any workplace chemical safety standards back then (referring specifically to the last spray-on shine part). that was awesome to watch. thanks!
i have about 4 pairs...although i'd like to get some more for spring, in some nice light colors edit: 3k posts, woohoo
i am going to also say that it is a great book for learning the process of making shoes. the illustrations and photographs shown make it very, very clear as to what exactly is going on.
as a professional who takes pictures for a living, i can recommend canon P&S cameras if you are looking for a P&S. even though i use film for actual, serious work, for some types of shoots i personally use/own a nikon dslr system. howevr, when it comes to P&S's canon beats nikon in color reproduction (specifically, the notorious reds that are plague most camera cpu's), color toning, and luminosity controls (granted that you know how to manipulate them in post-production...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Moo That's retail. He's asking $875. i guess he forgot to update it with the selling price before i replied (check out the edit time)
mind giving us some information as to why it costs $7k? i could go bespoke at this price.
Lk! Lk!
Quote: Originally Posted by SuitingStyle however, like what Corse said, there are a lot lurkers too, who just use this place to benefit themsels and don't actively contribute. Like the kid I saw this morning, when I got to the rack he was checking out, he started grabing the pants even faster and I doubt he even checked what he was grabing. He was seriously holding some 40 to 50 pairs of pants at any given time. Then when he couldn't hold them anymore,...
?if you don't care why are you asking? but yes, they will work, as long as the suit'sclean cut and not conservatively cut
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