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Quote: Originally Posted by onix Right, we are talking about 4 inches here... maybe you should reread the post. the guy's not trying to take 4 inches from the shoulder.
how tall are you? judging from the pictures and the fit of the suit, you look like you're 4 feet tall!
hello, below is a pair of SWEAR shoes that i bought from blackbird for $200 about a year ago. i've worn them sparingly, probably 1-2 times to class, as you can see the soles are still pristine. i've realized that it wasn't really my style and haven't worn them since, they've been sitting in the box since. i'm normally a size 8 and it fits perfectly, even though the equivalent is 41. selling for $59 shipped via usps priority w/confirmation. please PM me if you have any...
Quote: Originally Posted by Bic Pentameter Post a scan. Usually, the name of the retailer and a telephone number is listed. I might be able to help. Bic you speak japanese, pent?
Quote: Originally Posted by Shikar What about the 3 kids? Regards. tell them that because of the economy you've gotta let one of them go
Quote: Originally Posted by gnatty8 Yes, this is normal. If it concerns you so much, have topys installed, or even toe and heel taps. You can send those shoes back to AE for re-crafting when they are worn, or simply do what many of us here have done, which is to keep expanding your shoe collection until its so large, you only wear each pair once a month or less. That oughtta reduce the wear.. +1
why do you have 4 pictures of the exact same thing? anyhoo, yes it's too large, too long (that's what she said)
damn makes me wish i had model proportions
so are they on sale at all clarks? may have to check out my local shop
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